Downtown brawlers spark police response

Sandusky officers charge three following scuffles, including one in which man was bit in hand
Sandusky Register Staff
May 3, 2013


Sandusky police were zipping around Columbus Avenue and East Water Streets early Friday morning as they worked to keep bar-goers under control.

The melee kicked off at about 1 a.m. when a few patrons at a Columbus Avenue bar began fighting. It's unclear what they were fighting about at 1 a.m. while drinking.

One caller told police that one of the suspects had a knife, drawing no less than half a dozen police cruisers to the scene. Also, one of the brawlers bit someone's hand, police said. Paramedics were also called to the scene to treat a man who was so intoxicated he could scarcely stand.

Police briefly detained three people before issuing them charges of disorderly conduct intoxicated. Just as those three were released from the scene, officers scrambled to a fight just a block away on East Water Street, followed by another call about another nearby fight.

Names of those charged were not immediately available.

UPDATE: Those charged in Friday morning's incidents are: 

- Andre White Jr., 31, 1200 block Huntington Ave., marijuana possession, disorderly conduct while fighting.

- Brian Grace, 33, 600 block E. Monroe St., disorderly conduct while fighting.

- Timothy Johnson, 27, 1900 block E. Oldgate St., disorderly conduct intoxicated.  

- Desiree Litzenberg, 28, 1000 block W. Monroe St., disorderly conduct intoxicated. 



April showers bring May flowers. lol.

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First thing I thought, warm weather bringing them out!

Eph 2 8-10

Perhaps weeds???

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Yea, there was probably weed involved too : )

Raoul Duke

Weed makes you mellow, man.


April showers bring May bar fights

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The Hero Zone

Being there late to clean up the shop I can certainly confirm that downtown was a bit of a rave haha.


Where is the responsibility of the bars not to serve people who have had too much to drink? This gives downtown a bad name. The bars need to clean up their act and be more responsibile in the way they serve these folks.

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That responsibility was supposed to be learned in youth by the drinker. Come on they are helping fund a new city building, that is if they pay their fines. LOL

Raoul Duke

How do they know how much they've had before they come into the bar?


Your point of view is a joke. Does your mommy still change your diapers for you too?


So we can now blame being trashed on the bars? I'm sure the lady of the house will like that one.

How about people start acting responsibly and stop blaming other people for their actions.


Just because they left a bar does not mean they had a drink. When these people are intoxicated to this level it's usually more than weed or alcohol.

tired of stupidity

It is the bartender who is responsible for not serving someone who is clearly to intoxicated. If they serve that person and something happens they can be sued by the family and the state. Unless things have changed recently. I know a person who served someone who was clearly NOT intoxicated as they had just worked 15 hours and stopped in for a beer went home and made some food falling asleep and the place caught on fire killing the person and the bartender had a law suit from the city/state for serving that person. They can be sued for the person getting a DUI after they serve them too.


State law is a bartender shall not serve someone who is visibly intoxicated...slurred speech, stumbling, etc. The bartender AND bar are both responsible if something happens to an overly intoxicated person. The bartender isn't responsible in re: to the fire. And you don't know what other "intoxicants" people are on. Only experience will help you.Been through the State of Ohio training and these were some of their answers.

Licorice Schtick

Greedy bar owners permit illegal over-serving, and that's no small part of the problem.

The people of Sandusky can expect as much trouble as they tolerate.

Cities can oppose liquor license renewal for nuisance bars. If citizens want peace and quiet in their community, they must call their elected officials and insist on it.


Here we go....hold onto your seats....the warm weather seems to attract NOTHING but TROUBLE in every way, shape and form! Uuuuuuggggghhhh!


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I did not make any personal attacks at all !! I have to find out who the moderator is and ask if they may be racist???


I forgot to add: May is National BBQ Month !!!


The Bizness is strangely silent. He's made many comments advocating a downtown revival based on attracting more of these drunken rowdies.

Señor Clown

It's unclear what they were fighting about at 1 a.m. while drinking.

...but I would suspect it was because fighting is amongst the things that drunk people enjoy.