Debt collector demands payment

Erie County deputies hunting for a Sandusky man who allegedly stomped the tar out of a delinquent debtor Saturday at the Greenfield Village Mobile Home Park.
Matt Westerhold
Apr 29, 2013


 Deputies have two felony assault warrants out for 30-year-old Adam White. 

Deputies got the call at about 4 p.m. 

But when they pulled up at Greenfield Village in the 2600 block of Ohio 101 neither the victim, the suspect nor witnesses were around. 

Awhile later they met with the victim, identified as  Christopher Brown, 32, at Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

“I observed Christopher to have blood along the right side of his face, lips, hands and head,” an Erie County deputy’s report said. “Christopher advised he had been assaulted by Adam White … he advised that he owes Adam money for a vehicle.” 

Brown told police his girlfriend dropped him off at Ventra earlier in the day. As he walked past the Norfolk Southern parking lot a man, identified as Brown, spotted him and shouted. 

Brown did an about face and walked quickly toward his girlfriend’s mother’s house. 

“Christopher advised that Adam looked extremely angry and thought Adam was going to kill him,” a report said. 

Brown kept walking but soon after he heard squealing tires and a revving engine behind him. He turned and spotted White’s mini-van coming straight at him. 

“He advised the vehicle was driven directly toward him, and its corner or side hit him in the right leg,” a report said. “He advised this caused him to fall off the roadway and into a ditch.” 

Brown picked himself up and sprinted to the mobile home park but White was too fast. 

“Christopher advised he was then struck in the back of the head causing him to fall forward into a vehicle,” according to a report. “Christopher advised the strike caused him to go unconscious.” 

Deputies relied on a Greenfield Village woman to tell the rest of the story. 

“She advised the dark-haired male was stomping, kicking and punching the red-haired male,” a report said. “(The witness) advised the dark-haired male was using all his strength while striking the other male.” 

She said as the dark-haired man rained down blows he shouted about the other man owing him money, a report said. 

The witness told deputies she expected the victim to have “several broken bones from the hard kicks he received.” 

Hospital staff told Brown he’d suffered a concussion then gave him pain killers and strict instructions to not stay alone overnight. 

White was charged with five counts of assault in 2001, according to Sandusky Municipal Court records. 

Anyone with information on White’s whereabouts can contact Erie County deputies at 419-627-7668 or Sandusky police at 419-627-5863.



The Answer Person

Pay your debts...problem solved!


sorry... but I have to agree on this one folks. Also... dont loan money to "friends"


Really? That's the mentality you want to express? Civilized people take debtors to court. They don't beat the crap out of them. That's what low life people do. They haven't been taught the right and legal way of doing things. That's why they end up in jail. Don't encourage anyone to do something like this. If you need your money so badly, don't lend it out.

Just Sayin IMHO



I'm sorry... but I looked them both up and they both have numerous assult and disorderly charges. I'm sure they are both upstanding citizens that dont mind volunteering a visit to the courthouse......

So if you want your "car dealer" to front you a "car"... then you should know what to expect when you dont have the money for the "car" come payment time.


No!! Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't care if they were both felons; you don't hit someone to get your money back. YOU GO TO COURT!

As for your "car dealer" analogy, the right course of action is to reposess the car, not attack and physically harm someone. It doesn't solve anything, and it breaks the law.

If you think its ok to attack someone, then you need to learn the civilized, legal way of doing things, too, along with Mr. White.


"Stomped the tar?"

I think the editor can do a better job than allowing the kind of colorful vocabulary that diminishes what is known as "assault and battery".


Um...according to the byline, the Managing Editor wrote it.


I'd be darned if someone driving a Minnie van beat me up, don't he work for coldwell banker? Won't be selling no houses after this now.


Usually, only the mob beats people up over debts. It's rather extreme for money owed for a vehicle and maybe he should have gotten the money before he gave him the vehicle like most people do. He certainly had no right to assault the guy so violently over a debt.
Minnie is a mouse btw; it's minivan (mini as in small).

Just Sayin IMHO

I applied for a job at SR to be a proofreader, but no one ever calls. They need one BAD!


@just sayin, they are badly in need of one, check yourself.


Mr. Adam White will be ticked off even more when he has to pay the court, the hospital bills and serve time for felony assault on Mr. Christopher Brown. As a matter of fact, he may have just "given" that car away to Mr. Christopher Brown?