Update: Killer pleads guilty

Theodis Keys sentenced to 15-to-life today after pleading guilty to murdering Lorrie Miller.
Apr 23, 2013


Miller, 33, was found dead Oct. 17 in her Follett Street home. She was stabbed 34 times, primarily in the neck area. 

Keys was quickly arrested and charged.

At a hearing Tuesday in Erie County Common Pleas Court Keyes pleaded guilty to murder.

Keys said little during the hearing other than he was sorry and wished he could take it back.  

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Tool Box

Where are his ears?


Hahahaha that's really funny!

Licorice Schtick

It looks like a bungled mug shot. A wide-angle lens is wrong for this. It distorts the face.

Gyro Cart Guy

It looks like a view through a peephole.


YES...Yes, it does !!!


Toolbox, lol


It's good to see one actually admit and go down for the crime.


He probably got a deal to plead guilty. I doubt he admitted it out of his own free will, he was trying to get a good deal.


Looks like an ugly Easter egg.


That's one egg you don't want to look for!


That's for sure.


looks like an egg

4-wheeler al

stab her 34 times gets 15 to life because he pleads guilty 34 times 15=510 years


Fifteen to life means parole in about 10 years. Is that all a life is worth in today's world?


Sadly, it is worth less than that. This guy will probably be out in 5 yrs.


That egg should fry.

Left Sandtown

Take some of the sides off the nose,and paste them on the side of his head.Then what do we have,Head up the River!Tell Krackle hi for me!

4-wheeler al

sad life is worth nothing today. need new laws on people killing people eye for an eye death become them.

4-wheeler al

sad life is worth nothing today. need new laws on people killing people eye for an eye death become them.


this is a real shame

Whiskey Tango F...

think of the financial victory that the prosecutor can claim by not seeking the death penalty! Like someone above stated, atleast Krackle has a card partner for 3-5 years. Besides he's really really really sorry this time.


Who said he was sorry?


Who is Krackle?