Huron County probe nets 14 drug arrests

Five others indicted but not yet apprehended.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 18, 2013


A six-month undercover drug investigation in Huron County ended with 14 arrests Wednesday

Officers in operation “Crystal Clear” made undercover drug buys from June 2012 to January 2013, according to Huron County Sheriff’s Detective Josh Querin.

The operation was so named to send a clear message that Huron County has zero tolerance for narcotic sales, the sheriff’s office stated in a release.

Police agencies in Huron County and from the Richland County Sheriff’s Office coordinated efforts in Clyde, Bellevue, Norwalk, Greenwich and Willard, Querin said.

In the end, 19 people were indicted, although five remain at large. 

Arrested Wednesday:

n Roger James, 24, first block S. Old State Road, Norwalk, two counts heroin trafficking.

n Susan Sokolwski, 28, Greenwich, two counts heroin trafficking.

n Dustin Howell, 27, Greenwich, illegal conveyance of drugs into detention center.

n John Cory, 45, first block W. Seminary St., Norwalk, trafficking oxycodone.

n Lavanna Harmon, 46, Berlin Heights, two counts trafficking Xanax, trafficking Suboxen.

n Roberta Bisel, 36, first block Woodlawn Ave., Norwalk, two counts trafficking Xanax.

n Russell Willard, 27, first block Woodlawn Ave., Norwalk, trafficking amphetamine, trafficking Suboxen.

n Jake Marsillet, 64, 900 block Monroe St., Bellevue, three counts trafficking hydrocodone, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

n Danny Klein, 29, 100 block N. Buckeye St., Bellevue, trafficking cocaine, three counts trafficking oxycodone.

n James Kirk, 32, 500 block W. Pearl St., Willard, heroin trafficking.

n Troy Snezek, 26, 900 block Monroe St., Bellevue, trafficking oxycodone.

n Tara Rhodes, 39, 1100 block County Road 260, Clyde, two counts trafficking oxycodone.

n Andrea Panfalone, 26, 10000 block Potter Road, Bellevue, trafficking oxycodone, trafficking Suboxen.




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