Vermilion man bragged on Facebook about sex with 12-year-old

Incident allegedly happened before church.
Emil Whitis
Apr 18, 2013


A man is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl during a game of “Truth or Dare” before heading to a church function.  

Aaron Moriarty, 18, was arrested Monday and charged with rape. 

The allegations came to light after the girl’s mother told police that Moriarty was bragging about the incident on Facebook, according to a Vermilion police report.  

“Apparently, Aaron was putting on Facebook how he got sex from (the girl) and was bragging about it,” the report said. 

The girl’s brother showed police a Facebook post where Moriarty recanted, saying he “lied to get attention.” 

“If you thought saying you got (a sex act) from a 12-year-old girl would get you attention then (expletive) you thought right because everybody is telling the cops,” a friend wrote back on Facebook. 

Police then spoke to the girl, who told them she and two friends met up with Moriarty at a Douglas Street home on April 8 after school. They struck up a game of “Truth or Dare,” during which one of the girls dared the alleged victim to perform a sex act on Moriarty, the report said.  

The girl told police her two friends left the room and she accepted the dare. Police took a photo of a hickey on the girl’s neck, and the next day they picked up Moriarty for questioning. 

Moriarty told officers he met up with the girls at the Douglas Street home before a church function on April 10, according to the report. He told police he stopped the sexual act from happening.  

“Aaron was extremely apologetic for his actions,” the report said. “He was also highly emotional.” 

Moriarty remains in the Erie County jail on $10,000 bond.



I just love it when perverted idiots get caught in their own trap.... Where was the supervision?

Just Sayin IMHO

He was sorry he got caught. Why would one even SAY something like that? He deserves to have the sh** scared outta him. He is supposed to be an adult! Why in the He|| would he even THINK to be playing truth or dare with a 12 year old girl! Dumb A$$!!!!


Supervision at church? Never was any when I was growing up. The kids were always separated from the adults unless they wanted to sit and listen to the sermon. I remember playing the piano and eating donuts and hanging out with other kids. An occasional adult wandered around.


This isn't about decades ago ... this is about in this day and age.


This guy deserved to get caught.


Nothing turns a girl on more than a guy who brags about taking advantage of a minor...


The girl is just as much at fault and her to friends should be charged also this crap of the guy always to blame need to stop these girls today dress and act like well everyone knows and sees it


I would agree with you if the girl was not 12! Temptation cannot over rule good judgment.


"Temptation cannot over rule good judgment."

You mean ' can ' don't you?

Colonel Angus

If I'm understanding you, which is difficult, you're saying the 12 deserved this. Am I correct?


That's how I take that statement. Unbelievable. 12 year olds still play with Barbie® and are starting puberty and are in no way capable of making an adult decision. This guy is at fault, he is an adult. Just because a 12 year old dresses a certain way gives this pig no right in trying to take her innocence away. I bet you think No mean yes too!


I assume both of you are responding to titanfan's comment!?


Seriously? Seriously? So your belief is that she was at fault along with her friends and the guys always get the blame? NO PERSON ON THIS PLANET HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANYONE!!! I don't care who you are and also she is 12 for crying out loud! Doesn't matter if she was sexually experienced doesn't matter if she's dressed a certain way and it sure as h*** doesn't matter if you or anyone else thinks it's alright for a grown man to be kicking it with 3 young girls- you have no right to think she's at fault and not him! It's reasoning like that that allows these a**h**es to think it's ok.




This kid is not smart at all. First off, its totally wrong on all levels. A 12 year old? Wow. Secondly, he puts it on FB........literally.....retarded.


This kid was very stupid. He nows has to pay for his moment of pleasure that came at the cost of a very young girl who some how lost her innocence, before him most likely. There are many reasons young girls act this way such as previous sexual abuse. This kid was 18, no longer a minor and reached the age of majority. He will be tried in the adult court and his life will not be easy. Let us hope he learned from his horrible act and never does it again. However, to call an 18 year old a grown man is a stretch. 18 and 19 year olds are still very immature and are kids in my book but he is still old enough to know better. A 15 year old is old enough to know better. I do believe however the age of adulthood should be changed to 21. The first four years of college should be considered a part of high school. Driving privileges should be earned at 18. And no one can join the military until 21. To the best of my knowledge we do not allow any in this country to become police officers or fireman until they are 21 and if that is the case how can we justify allowing anyone under the age of 21 to join the military. Can't protect their own communities but can die in a foreign land. Yeah, that doesn't even sound right. However, just like in the system now depending on the crime these kids could still be tried as adults if deemed appropriate.