Teenager armed with ammo

Police arrest two boys who stole beef jerky, Visine from CVS store.
Apr 15, 2013


Three juveniles were arrested after police received a call at 1:52 p.m. about thefts from a drug store at the 500 block of East Monroe St.

The manager of the CVS store provided a description of the suspects, and police arrested a boy, 13, and a boy, 16. A store video allegedly shows one boy stealing beef jerky and the other boy stealing a cigarette lighter and Visine eye drop solution.

A third person, a juvenile who ran from a garage near the scene, was arrested on a warrant for receiving stolen property, theft and a probation violation.

The third juvenile was found to have six rounds of ammunition in his pocket. Police searched the garage with the permission of the owner and found a .22-caliber handgun. The third juvenile also faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon and tampering with evidence, police said.


sandtown born a...

The new up and coming thugs and thieves. see them while they are young. Charge the weapon holder as a adult


I don't remember that Tax day is an official day off from school???!!! And they were out running around in the middle of the day, because???!!!
And the parents were out blowing there welfare check where???!!!
(oh, sorry, middle of the month. No jerky in the house!!)
I agree with Sandtown- if you want to act like an adult, be treated like one!! IDIOTS!!!


Maybe they are home schooled. This was part of their lessons. Or maybe they were taking a break from their online class.

John Harville

...out blowing their welfare checks?.... bigot!


So wrong but.... Probably So Right!!!!


There was no mention of race. A bigot against thieves?


Why is everyone so QUICK to assume that the parents are on welfare?!?!? I have KNOWN PLENTY of kids who come from VERY WELL TO DO families that are just as bad or WORSE than the kids in this article!! GEESH! Any who I digress....hope these kids don't get the usual SLAP ON THE WRIST, ESPECIALLY the one who was running around with the 22 and ammo....they need to be taught a SERIOUS LESSON and shown that there ARE consequences for their negative actions.....Starting to wonder if adding a MILITARY curriculum to the schools in this country would help some of these wayward kids learn RESPECT for others and their property.....


wonder where he got the ammo? nobody else can seem to find any lately..


Probably stole it like everything else.

looking around

Most likely from an irresponsible gun owner that did not store his weapon and ammunition securely, that's where they usually find it. Who knows what other guns and ammo they may have stolen and still have stashed somewhere. If the guns were registered we could trace them back to the owner and charge him as well. Ohhhh I forgot we don't have a law holding the gun owner responsible for his weapons.....bet he didn't report them stolen either.


too young for an AK ??


Sounds like the boys need some time in the country, learning outdoor skills. Getting them out into the fresh air and the open space just might do them some good


Anyone out there want to be part of the solution insted part of the problem


Ten to fifteen years in the hooscow with big Bubba. Quit coddling these fools.


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