Burglars make off with $20,000 in Sandusky

Money was kept in dresser drawer
Apr 15, 2013


Police are investigating the burglary of a home on the 2200 block of Cedar Point Drive that resulted in the loss of $20,000 of cash.

A caregiver, watching the home while the family was away in Florida, told police Saturday that on April 6 she found a cellar door ajar but didn’t think anything of it. On April 7, she found a screen to a bedroom cut and the window unlocked but closed.

She contacted the homeowner and at his suggestion checked to see if $20,000 in cash was still in a dresser drawer. When she checked it was gone.

The homeowner returned from Florida and verified the money was missing. He told the police had been saving the money for his two daughters.



Who wants to bet $20,000 that the caregiver was in on this one??

looking around

20,000 bucks belongs in a bank....not a dresser drawer, sorry about his luck!


tell that to the people in Cyprus!!!!!!!

enough of the bs

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Nothing else was missing....we may be reading a story about the "caregiver" in the near future.


I've never had $20,000 stolen from me. You want to know why? I'm not dumb enough to keep it in a dresser drawer!

I'm also not dumb enough to believe that twenty grand was being saved for the daughters.

Note to caretaker, criminals come in the way they go out. Your "story" about a window AND a door is a red herring, that will lead to your story's demise.

Sandusky burglars are not smart enough to pick the one and only house in town that has twenty grand in a dresser drawer. Just read the paper, they are happy taking xboxes, drugs and pills. Why go all the way out to the Chausee to steal when they know those homes all have security.


C'mon, you have to be pretty naïve to believe this story as printed!


Can he even prove there was 20000 there in the first place maybe a scam and owner and caretaker are working together


I would have taken the $20,000 with me to Florida or at least put it in a safe or safety deposit box. You can't trust anyone these days.


This will prove interesting. Note: most people keep weapons/dollars in the bedroom


I wonder how much of that home cash is covered by a homeowners' policy? File a claim, get what you could and split it with the house sitter. I doubt the story as reported or we'll see an arrest story soon.


I am reserving my opinion on the caretaker. It might just be that they are innocent. It also just might be that there really was $20,000 in a drawer. Some elderly people still think that this is a safe and honest world.


If this homeowner had a gun, it didn't do him any good.

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good one rjk....lol


How does a window get unlocked from the outside? Also, if they broke in through the cellar, why didn't they leave that way, instead of cutting a screen and possibly being seen going through the window?

Phil Packer

Did I say $20,000? I meant $30,000...

looking around

Who's house was this? 2200 block of Cedar Point Dr. is the high rent district. Had this been in Sandusky or Perkins the exact address and owner would have been identified.

Julie R.

Somebody said the person should have put the money in a safe deposit box.....

All I can say for that is ........ I wouldn't trust that, either, not with the corrupt dirty financial institutions in this area. I have a forged power of attorney that wasn't even filed in the Erie County Recorder's office ~ I found it concealed in the Lorain County Recorder instead after my mother's death ~ and it wasn't even prepared under the correct middle initial ~ that gave the two fraud attorneys-in-fact the criminal right to get into her safe box when she was totally incompetent.

And the manager of that dirty bank in Huron didn't know that power of attorney was FRAUD? Yeah, right.


Banks aren't as safe as we'd all like to think they are. bullydogs1971 is right about the folks in Cypress (and from what I hear, soon to be those with money in the bank in Spain, Portugal, perhaps Italy and more as well). That being said, as unsafe as banks might or might not be, I'm pretty sure a bank is still quite a bit safer than a dresser drawer! And yes, kURTje knows his burglary stats: The bedroom is the most common place for burglars to ransack because it's the most common place for people to hide valuables.

Julie R.

It's not the banks that aren't safe -- it's the EMPLOYEES that you have to watch out for, especially in corrupt Erie County and especially when attorneys are involved in it.

It's also a proven fact that 99% of the fraud that goes on at these big insurance companies is INTERNAL --- pulled off by the agents and their managers. You would be surprised at all the criminal things those dirt-bags can do to a person's contracts by INTERNAL fraud.


Come on now..a dresser drawer?? I would have thought of something a little more harder..like. under the mattress or in a cookie jar..some place they would never think to look! ;)

Julie R.

Wonder why this article only says the 2200 block of Cedar Point Drive? Why doesn't it give the name and address of the person that was robbed? Considering how Cedar Point Drive is where a lot of Erie County attorneys and prosecutors live, it's hard to believe that burglars would target that neighborhood. The only property that I could find on the auditor's website that's close to the 2200 block is the property that was formerly owned by Dr. Baxter and his wife that Cedar Fair LP bought in 2000 under a Fuduciary Deed for $1,310,000.00.


The SR has done that for over a year, only listing the block where someone resides. It's in the police log and obits and other news articles.

Julie R.

As an afterthought, wonder why there's so many properties in Erie County being sold under shady fuduciary deeds when a fuduciary deed either gives somebody the right to handle the property issues of a property owner that has become incompetent and/or the right to sell the property after the owner's death. I find it hard to believe that all these property owners did not have Wills or Trusts made out that named an executor/executrix to handle the sale of their properties, so what reason would they have to prepare "new" ones?


Jules, if I may intrude...I don't think asking for free legal answers in a small town newspaper comment section is really a good idea.


Julie R.

I'm not asking for free legal answers --- I'm being sarcastic. How could you possibly miss it?


Brain fade. My apologies.