Sandusky police get their man

They tracked down car wash shooting suspect after months-long search
Tom Jackson
Apr 15, 2013


Sandusky police nabbed a suspect wanted since January for shooting a man during a botched robbery at a West Perkins car wash.

Marcus Campbell, 25, was arrested without incident Saturday after police surrounded a house in central Sandusky.

Campbell, also known as Sellers, a Sandusky resident whose address is listed as 1000 block of Washington St., was being held Saturday at Erie County Jail on a list of several charges. Police said he is under indictment for attempted murder, felonious assault, having a weapon under disability and two no-bond probation violation warrants.

Sgt. Tracey Susana said police went to a house on the 1000 block of Ging St. after receiving a tip that Campbell might be there. Police quickly determined the address could not be correct, but they contacted the tipster and received the correct address, Susana said.

Nine police officers blocked off Ging Street and set up a perimeter to surround the house. Nearby residents trying to leave their homes were warned to stay inside for their own safety until the incident ended, Susana said.

Police made contact with a young woman, 17, inside the home and asked her to come out of the house.

“She ended up putting Marcus on the phone. He said he was going to give himself up,” Susana said. 

“He was told to come out with his hands visible. He came out the front door and was taken into custody,” she said.

Police were not satisfied with the cooperation of the young lady, who faces charges of obstructing official justice and obstructing official business, Susana said.

Police have been looking for Campbell since January, when he allegedly shot and wounded Bartt Carruthers at 6:12 p.m. Jan. 16 at a self-serve car wash at the 500 block of West Perkins Ave. Carruthers was shot at three times, with one round connecting in the chest.

Carruthers was lured to the location under the pretense of selling him drugs, but he was then shot during an alleged robbery attempt. Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar was off duty at a nearby store, loading groceries into his car, when he heard the gunshots and called 911.

Police said Carruthers’ stepdaughter, Katie Wilson, had called earlier in the day, offering to sell him Xanax. Wilson and Theresa Purcell, who allegedly helped plan the crime, have both been indicted on charges of complicity to commit attempted murder and complicity to commit aggravated robbery. 



Before the gun debate begins, remember..... ANY NEW LAWS WOULD NOT HAVE PREVENTED THIS!!! CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS!!!

Matt Westerhold

Excellent point, bullydogs1971. 


Gee, I wonder what he sells


Another Thug off the street! Great work SPD!


couldn't have said it better bullydog !! the police did a great job tracking him down,too.

The Answer Person



Man, Ging St. is becomming the gathering spot for people who do illegal deeds... It is only one block long, but has been in the paper almost monthly!!!

Darwin's choice

To bad Brad Wilson wasn't there.....street cleaner!!

Simple Enough II

What a poosie, didn't put up a fight? I guess when the otherside has guns you falter & whimper for mercy.


Thank you Gov. Strickland for making it E-z for good be to be armed. Love The Castle Law also.




Give him the needle, probably hasn't made one ounce of positive addition to our society.


No, my guess is that he at least donated five ounces to society.

He is 25 so I bet each of his five baby mamma's got an ounce of positive to add to society.


maybe they'll nab Peabody now


Why not go after the girls mother she knew that the thug has been there before


the pic is fuzzy but I can tell he's a respectable and upstanding pillar in our society. I think they got the wrong man..