Providence Care employee indicted

Woman accused of stealing $65,000 over six-year period
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 11, 2013


A former employee of Providence Care Centers was recently indicted on charges of theft, forgery and tampering with evidence.

Denise Walker, 46, of Sandusky, is accused of stealing $65,000 from the senior living facility over a period of six years, according to Erie County Common Pleas Court records. The indictment came last month, after more than a year of investigation by Sandusky police. 

Providence Care administrators discovered the theft in December 2011 and reported it to police, who launched an investigation the following month. Walker is accused of forging signatures on receipts and altered bookkeeping records, stealing $65,447 from 2006 to January 2012.

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Providence Care Centers issued the following statement on the incident:

Providence Care Centers recently reported an incident involving one of its former employees. Its Executive Director, Wendy Dolyk states that upon discovery of the action, the employee was immediately terminated. She went on to state: our main goal is to always provide quality care. We deeply regret any inconvenience and concern this may create for our residents and families and others affected.

The incident occurred through the actions of one employee acting outside the scope of her authority but Providence Care Center is taking full responsibility and ensuring that no resident incurs any financial burden.

Providence Care Centers has taken immediate measures to prevent a similar situation from reoccurring, including strengthening its internal audit controls.

Providence Care Centers has reported this incident to all appropriate state and federal oversight and regulatory agencies as soon as it was discovered.

Providence Care Centers still remains as a premier provider of quality care services in Erie County by offering skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care unit and independent living units.



Another reason why you should take care of your own parents and not put them in a nursing home. It sickens me that there are people out their that would do this to an elderly person.


out there. and she did it to the organization, not the elderly residents.


too many people that hold jobs in these positions take advantage of the elderly.she should be thrown in jail !!


yes, she did it to the organization, but in a round-about way it effects the residents also.


I have to agree with Queenie on this one. A nursing home should be your absolute last resort. Hire a nurse or whatever but do your best to avoid the nursing home.

Julie R.

Why make excuses for this trash by putting the blame on others for what she did?

That would be like saying --- gee, if there were no nursing homes she wouldn't have been able to steal $65,000.000 from a senior living facility. If you want to get technical about it, we could also say --- gee, if there was no Erie County Treasurer's office a thief employee wouldn't have been able to steal taxpayer monies.

Julie R.

Had this thief forged fraud documents prepared by attorneys and financial institutions now, she would be home free and then some. Your jokes at the Erie County court house would probably even be pulling off one of their ignorant ~ if not hilarious ~ intimidation tactics on the Providence Care Center.


Where there is money, there is at least one thief!

Woody Hayes

The spaceship speaks. I bet she had her tin foil hat on when she wrote this.

tell it how it is

It was probably also the residents.
My dear friend was in there for a couple of months before we could get him out. During the time he was there, people would bring him money that they owed him. So, he'd ask the nurses to put it somewhere safe.
When we got him out in July, after him being there since December, ALL of that cash was gone. It was a lot of cash, over $100 every week. They said they "misplaced" it. We were so upset with that disgusting place though that we just wanted to get him the hell out of there. He had enough money that we weren't going to waste our time, just assumed those nurses he had trusted misused his trust.