Man gets 9 years on child rape conviction

Victim was a child
Shawn Foucher
Apr 10, 2013


An Erie County judge on Monday sentenced a Sandusky man to nine years in prison for raping a 12-year-old girl last year. 

In pleading guilty to one count of rape, Michael Dabney, 23, avoided a jury trial scheduled for April 23, according to Erie County Common Pleas Court documents. 

In May, an Erie County grand jury indicted Dabney on two counts of rape, following months of investigation by Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon. 

Dabney knew the 12-year-old girl through a family member, and he raped her at least twice in early 2012, according to a police report. 

The girl had run away from home and was living with friends at the time. A family member told police she suspected the girl had been raped, but when the girl was interviewed by police, she initially identified Jason Langley, 35, also of Sandusky, as her attacker. 

DNA evidence did, in fact, lead to a rape indictment for Langley as well. He had raped the girl at his girlfriend’s home, according to a police report. Last summer, Langley was sentenced to more than four years in prison. He remains in the Belmont Correctional Institution.  

Nixon interviewed numerous people for weeks last year, seeking to hold Dabney responsible as well. A number of witnesses eventually said Dabney had been “dating” the girl, and the girl herself had said Dabney was her boyfriend, the report said. 

One witness told police that Dabney claimed he was Satan, the report said. The witness also told police that Dabney left a notebook in his apartment, and on one page was a drawing of a cat hanging from a tree, with a notation Dabney made about killing the cat and drinking its blood. 

After much questioning, the victim eventually told police she had sex with Dabney twice. Dabney was 21 years old at the time, and the girl was 12.  

“He was preying on young girls,” Nixon said. 

On Tuesday Dabney was transferred from the Erie County jail to the Lorain Correctional Institution in Grafton, where he will serve out his sentence. 



Yeah if it was a child rape conviction then the victim had to be a child. Redundant.


men like this should be castrated !!


@Tootsie: You are being way to nice.


seriously, a 12 year old dating a 21 year old.. she ran away and was living with friends? w t f who were her " friends " why did they let this happen? other 12 year olds? where were their parents.. rape, especially when done to a child is ridiculous I don't understand why a grown a$$ man can do this to a little girl/ or boy and get such light sentences when a man walking down the street holding a syringe or a pipe gets 25 to life ( exaggerating ) but seriously a drug conviction has more time than taking the life of a child ( which is what these predators are doing ) system needs some changes. mandatory sentences no plea deals when coming to these assaults and sexual assaults. ... kids are kids. their INNOCENT LITTLE BABIES how can and adult look at them and see SEXY AND ATTRACTIVE?? no excuse for these worthless scum who do.. personally I think they are mentally F'd BUT STILL NO EXCUSE.. but they do need to be locked up for ever or aatleast a really really long long time because once a sicko always a sicko. NASTY DONT HEAL. just saying.


9 years and the other guy only got 4!!!!! Give me a break!! These men took advantage of a CHILD!!!! And I could care less that the one thought he was satan - he truly is in my eyes! Or at least the spawn of him. My only consolation is that once they get to prison and it's found out what their crime is that other prisoners seem to take their own revenge and the guards let them.


@TRISTINPRUITT - The parents, with the help of the police, were actively looking for her while all this was going on. It is my understanding that the so called "friends" she was with lied about knowing where she was or who she was with.

There is a special place in Hell for people like this.

Thank you to Det Nixon for a job well done with getting these two "men" off the streets and away from other little girls. Just wish the punishment could be worse.


9 flipping years??? That's it??? Oh my goodness. But yet people with less disgusting crimes will get more time??? PATHETIC, the "laws" NEED to change.


Ummm..No one is suggesting that THESE guys be lynched.. Why not?


I understand her parents were looking for her. what I was saying is who was her friends other children, where were the childrens parents.. all parties need to be questioned and or charged. if they was hiding this little girl.. they contributed to her sexual abuse... and kidnapping or what ever way that can be charged. they hid her from her custodial parents.