Man arrested after woman beaten

A Sandusky man stormed his way into a Putnam Street home Thursday morning and pummeled a woman in the face before stealing her cash, according to Sandusky police.
Emil Whitis
Apr 6, 2013


Albert Rainey III, 28, was charged with aggravated burglary, robbery, tampering with evidence, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The victim, Pamela Ray, 47, called police at about 3 a.m. and said she’d just been robbed. When police arrived she was bleeding from the face. 

She told officers it all started after a man named “Trey,” later identified as Rainey, gave her a ride home from a convenience store, a police report said. Rainey and another woman followed Ray inside, where the three talked for about an hour. 

During the conversation, Ray’s rent money — $400 — was in plain view on the table. After Rainey and the woman left, someone threw a 40-ounce beer bottle through Ray’s kitchen window, the report said. 

Rainey soon came to the door, and Ray let him in, but as soon as she turned the knob, Rainey bull-rushed her. The door smacked into Ray and put her down, the report said. 

“She stated ‘Trey’ then proceeded to strike her in the face between three and four times,” the report said. “She said after he struck her in the face he went into the kitchen, took her money and left the residence.” 

Ray refused medical treatment, and she offered to point officers to Rainey’s house. She led police to an apartment complex in the 500 block of E. Market Street, where officers found Rainey’s name on the buzzer for an apartment. Rainey’s father answered and allowed police inside, where they found Rainey.  

Rainey admitted he gave Ray a ride home, but he said he dropped her off soon after, the report said.  

Police brought him outside so Ray could have a look at him, and Ray confirmed he was the attacker.  

Police handcuffed Rainey then searched the apartment. They found $400 stuffed in an old sock at the bottom of Rainey’s laundry basket, the report said.  

Officers also found two marijuana roaches in a cigarette pack in Rainey’s jacket, along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia lying on a living room table. Rainey’s father — Albert Rainey Jr., 62 — took responsibility for items on the table so he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. 

Rainey III remains in the Erie County jail on $55,000 bond. 


sandtown born a...

What a fine upstanding citizen lives with his parent at 28. He is so nice to give this woman a ride home then relieve her of her all so evil money.


Nothing like smokin ' some good dank with your Ol' Man ! Good times, good times ! What great memories they must be making !

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Oh my, there is 3 of them out there?
Just getting bolder by the day! Guess I need to get me one of these for the front entrance.


my mother-in-law still does my brother-in-laws laundry. he's 45 and still living at home. weird.


I thought pot smokers were supposed to be cool , non-violent people .

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Things change when they run out of $$ to buy the stuff they need!


Does anybody else see the "same" folks always in trouble w/ the law on a daily basis???? Pathetic.........


Yes..I see it, too...Damn men...Pathetic!


ike turner would be proud!


these low life, scum bags make me sick !! beat women and steal their money. sandusky seems to be full of them. granted, there are some good people living in sand town and it is a shame that these rotten ones have to give the city a bad name ! lock him up for a long time !


He is such a big man, how about we name the female that accompanied him, maybe then the female version of nuts can let loose on her in good ole Sandtown!

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your babies Daddy

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Why the hell did she ask him for a ride at 3am,go back to her place, have her rent money on the table in plain sight and turn around after, he leaves, to open the door to him after a 40 is thrown through her window? WTF? Not saying she deserved getting hit-but what the hell was she thinking?

Phil Packer

Yeah, at 47, you should know better.


It does sound like a few pieces are missing from his puzzle!


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