DUI watch kicked up

Police ready for prom with extra patrols.
Apr 4, 2013


Erie County deputies are using state funds to ramp up patrols in preparation for prom season. They’ll be focusing their efforts on Ohio 4, U.S. 250, Ohio 61 and Ohio 60. 

“Enforcement emphasis, as always, will be placed on the removal of impaired drivers from the roadway, as well as on speed and safety belt violations,” an Erie County press release said. “It is hoped that these efforts will result in a safer trip for those traveling during what is usually a busy time period on area roadways.” 

The extra patrols will be paid for by the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services—Traffic Safety.  In March the program netted 22 additional traffic stops. 



Every mother and father of a teenager holds their breath around this time and doesn't exhale until after graduation. I don't blame them. I have been their twice myself. You pray your kids don't mess up during this season even moreso than any other time.

Please watch out for our teens on the road. And teens....be careful out there....we love you! A worried grandma!

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My parents didn't.


This is intelligent: tell the kids where the police will be. The kids will simply take back roads to avoid them!


If they are dumb enough to drive drunk, they aren't smart enough to avoid those areas.


Party plates are cool.