Man ambushes, assaults ex-girlfriend

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday arrested a 27-year-old man who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend. He said he can't leave her alone because he 'loves her.'
Apr 1, 2013


Matthew John Ewing, last known listed address in Toledo, was charged with domestic violence and assault after he was seen punching Melina N. Tompkins, 21, outside her apartment on Tiffin Avenue, deputies.

Ewing allegedly ambushed Tompkins as she went to her mailbox.

Tompkins told deputies she heard a voice behind her say “perfect timing.”

She started to run for her apartment when she saw Ewing, but he punched her on the back of her head. Ewing then ripped off her shirt and bra, according to a deputy’s report.

A neighbor saved Tompkins from any further assault by coming out and yelling at Ewing.

“You whoop on her?,” he yelled. “Why don’t you try whooping me instead?”

Ewing ran from the scene but was later found at his home on Putnam Street.

During the arrest deputies advised Ewing to leave Tompkins alone.

“I can’t. I love her,” Ewing said.

Tompkins’ injuries included a red mark on her face, a large scratch on her left arm and cuts on her left shoulder, as well as scratch marks.

Erie County Municipal Judge Paul Lux ordered Ewing to be held in jail without bond until his court appearance.



sounds like love to me..


Sounds like a cat fight to me.


This guy will end up killing her for his brand of "love" if not put away. I hope they lock him up for good.

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Yep! Give him a one way ticket out of state, if he comes to Ohio lock his sorry woman beating a-- up for a year. I would almost call it rape if he was ripping her clothes off and there is a witness so no questions about consent here!


This guys picture should be next to the definition of castration

my oh my

Domestic violence laws are so weak in Ohio he could beat this easily with a sharp attorney and some "sweet" talking in court....


Good on the neighbor for not adopting the "I don't want to get involved" mentality. Ms. Tompkins, please take a CCW course, carry pepper spray, get a taser, or something similar. This jerk is not going to stop.

Just Another Voice

I hope she follows your words of advice.

Julie R.

This idiot said he can't leave her alone because he loves her?

Oh come on, already! Why demean yourself by getting arrested and having your named smeared in the paper if she doesn't want you? All the fish in the sea, buddy, just go out and find yourself one that does!


"I can’t. I love her"

This simpleton and many simpletons like him have no idea what real love is. With some people, it is all about themselves and not the other person. That is not love but selfishness. People often look to what they can get out of a relationship and not what they can give.
"To an extreme narcissist, people are things to be used."

Julie R.

I took a class once and learned all about the narcissistic personality. Narcissism is not a trait in people with low self-esteem like originally thought --- instead, it's the opposite. It's a personality trait characterized by egotism, vanity and selfishness in people with high self-esteem. At the core of extreme narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self and how important he/she is. Deep down they think they are awesome and great -- a legend in their own minds. The book even used as an example of a narcissistic personality --- "The kind of person that would take somebody's Will ~ a legal document ~ and throw it into the trash like it was nothing more than a scrap piece of paper."

I had to laugh when I read that. I know a lot of people from HURON, OHIO that sure do have that narcissistic personality disorder. (come to think of it, I know some judges at the courthouse that do, too)


he needs to be locked up for a long time ! too many women being beaten and murdered in the name of love. REALLY ??? what a jerk ! a sick
jerk !


Dont count on the cops, they are busy with prostitution right now. No time to fight real crime!!


Don't count on the cops? Thanks to the ECSO and SPD, this jerk was caught! Maybe if people wouldn't call to complain about a random dog that took a dump in their yard or the loud music they heard three days ago, they would actually be able to direct more attention to drugs and violence.

Just Sayin IMHO

Yes... he WILL kill her. He already admitted that he cant leave her alone. It WILL happen if he is allowed to be free.