Snowy tracks are grandson's undoing

Bicycle tracks in the snow betrayed a Sandusky man after a fight with his 80-year-old grandmother Monday on Judy Lane.
Emil Whitis
Mar 26, 2013


Samaje Humphries, 18, was charged with disrupting public services, disorderly conduct, no headlight and failure to drive on the right half of the road way. 

For her part, the grandmother said she'd had enough. It all started when Humphries came home and immediately set about causing trouble, a Sandusky police report said.  

When the grandmother told him to leave, Humphries refused. 

"(The grandmother) stated Samaje became angry and started shouting," the report said. 

As the grandmother tried to call 911, Humphries seized the phones. After fielding several 911 hangups made from the address, dispatchers sent police to the 1400 block of Judy Lane. 

Humphries took off on a bicycle before they showed up, the report said.  

"(The grandmother) said Samaje is a 'monster' and just can't have him living with her anymore," the report said. "She said she is 80 years old and can't take the stress Samaje is placing on her." 

Unfortunately for Humphries, the road was covered in snow. Police followed his tire tracks all the way to an apartment building on McKinley Street. On the way, police saw tire tracks that indicated Humphries had been riding on the wrong side of the road. 

When officers caught up to him in an apartment, Humphries gave up without a fight. Officers also noticed his bicycle didn't have lights, so they cited him accordingly.  

Humphries remains in the Erie County jail on $14,300 bond.



cant stress grandma! gotta respect ur love ones don't take them for granted especially your grandparents. on the other note wow them are some bogus charges riding on the wrong side of the rode and no headlight. wow. wtf....1thing it don't pay to disrespect your grandparents! better be a big apology when you get out of jail youngster. lol


I don't know who I feel the most for. The grandson who must not have a parent to love him, or the grandmother for having to deal with this. To many grandparents are raising their grandchildren because their kids want to play house with none of the responsibilities that go along with it.


he needs his a$$ beat..

Phil Packer

Nothing good happening on Judy Lane.