Army sergeant accused of rape hires attorney

Deputies don't anticipate suspect will agree to talk
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 11, 2013



A U.S. Army Reserve sergeant accused of raping a subordinate at a Milan Township facility last week has hired an attorney and isn't likely to talk to investigators, according to Erie County deputies.

Deputies had hoped to interview the sergeant, but now it's probably not going to happen, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Nick Kotsopoulos said.

"I don't think his lawyer is going to let him talk," Kotsopoulos said. "We'll see."

The alleged victim's boyfriend called police from their Lorain home last week, after he arrived home to find the woman crying. When Erie County deputies interviewed the woman, she denied the rape ever happened.

So far, in fact, the woman's boyfriend is the only who has leveled allegations. He said his girlfriend was raped March 3 after a training exercise at the U.S. Army Reserve Center on Mason Road.

During the boyfriend's call to Lorain police, dispatchers heard the woman crying in the background and they tried to get her to talk, but she wouldn't.

When they sent an ambulance and police officer to the home, the woman drove off.

She later called police back and said she did not want anyone to investigate the incident.



Sounds like another case of buyers remorse. Either that or a jealous boyfriend out for revenge after his girlfriend strayed. My question is how can the sheriffs office continue with something where the only one making allegations is not the victim and wasn't present during the alleged incident? The victim said she didn't want it investigated. Probably because it was consensual and the rape allegation was to hide her infidelity.


Or it could possibly be a case where the girl was threatened not to say anything to anyone about what happened or her military career could be put into jeopardy and now she's afraid that that's exactly what could happen and that's why she doesn't want to talk to anyone. There's really no way to know what happened and the only ones that do know are the 2 people that were involved.


Having served 21 yrs in the military, I'm not saying this isn't the case. But in my experience, alot of false allegations went on when I was in, which is part of the reason many legitimate rape cases were overlooked. Seen it more than once where a young lady would sleep with a superior and then when she didn't get what she wanted (ie: recommendation for a promotion or change of assignment) she cried rape. The fact is, regardless of whether or not this was actually a rape, the Sergeant who slept with her will be punished anyway, for having sex with a subordinate, which is a criminal offense in the military. I could care less what people think about my opinion but as they print more about this, I am inclined to believe the young lady got caught cheating on her boyfriend, and threw up the rape card to cover herself. Fact is, without her pressing charges, the police shouldn't waste there time and money investigation it. You can't prosecute a rape without a victim.


I am so glad you are not in charge of this investigation KnuckleDragger. It is not necessarily up to the victim whether or not charges are brought or whether or not an investigation is carried out. Violence against women has to stop. Acknowledging it is part of the solution. Every victim deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and should be given the benefit of belief at the very least. Violence against women feeds off discrimination and serves to reinforce it.


Yes, because we know that women never lie about rape, right? I agree every VICTIM deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. If they are a victim. Let's see how this pans out. Really though, if she doesn't formally report it, there isn't much to investigate. No victim, no conviction.


KnuckleDragger, as I said before, violence against women feeds off discrimination and serves to reinforce it. Whether you like it or not you are discriminating against this victim, simply because she is a woman, and whether or not you like it, she is a victim. The fact of the matter is she did not report this crime someone else did. It is now up to the authorities to decide whether or not they will pursue this investigation. I hope you don't ever find yourself being judged because of your gender!

Simple Enough II

Deployment Queen?


She knows that reporting a rape will only victimize her more. Report a rape and your reputation is damaged forever. Most rape victims refuse to come forward.


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If you are going to post information about rape in the military, at least include some information from sources that aren't uber-liberal supporters of the radical feminists. CNN, rolling stone, and huffington post? You have got to be kidding me! There are numerous studies the DOD had santioned concerning rape and found that legitimate case happened far less in the military than they do in society. Meaning, you can't count false reports as rapes. You would be blown away to know what percentage of young ladies are prosecuted for filing a false report concerning rape in the military.

Super Judge

are you saying you were involved in 4 cases during your time? you're angry response kind of makes you look guilty.




The DOD investigating rape in the military is about as credible as Sandusky county investigating the Limberios case!


An opinion spoken from someone who has never spent a single day in the military service. Yeah, I would say you have alot of credibility. How about sticking to subjects you may know something the color of the Presidents underwear.




Look at all the pregnant chicks on Navy ships. It's out of control!


The news outlets may have been covering a specific case or two, but they each contain statistics—even stats from the DoD. Here are some highlights:

• Number of rapes reported in the military last year: 16,500

• Pentagon's estimated percentage of military assaults not reported: 80-90 percent

• Percentage of military rape victims who were gang raped/raped more than once: 14%/20%

• Percentage of military rape victims that are men: 8-37 percent

• Percentage of military victims who get an "involuntarily" discharge compared to percentage of charged and accused who are discharged with honor: 90 percent involuntary to 80 percent with honor

Here is the report commissioned by the DoD, completed in 2009, by the Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services:

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) is part of the DoD. They determined that approx. 15% of allegations in completed investigations were unfounded in the years 2009-2011 (p. 60). Therefore, we are still looking at an overwhelming number of assaults there were not reported or found to be punishable. The SAPRO even states in their 2011 report that, “Dispelling commonly held myths, such as the idea that most reports are false or that most subjects only offend one time, is helping to reduce the stigma associated with sexual assault reporting” (p. 282).

The reason that we, as a society, must pursue allegations, is due to the fact that statistically is it much more likely that a valid assault occurred and will not be reported or investigated than it is that false accusations take place. False accusations DO occur…however, it is much more likely that an assault DID take place and (a) the victim will be blamed; (b) the victim will not be believed; or (c) the attacker will get off the hook. These facts do lead to victims being less likely to come forward to report incidents. This is why each case must be taken seriously and investigated.


Sounds like and anouther false report like the voltz case is she's lying put her in the brig


Well duuhhh!! What a shocker that is.


You said shocker.

3M TA3

You're allowed to say it, you aren't allowed to describe it. Mustn't offend the squares.


That dude is guilty and she is afraid to lose her job! End of story!


Or she was only using it as a cover so her boyfriend wouldn't find out that she has been cheating.


You don't "lose your job" in the Military, they don't fire people. All that will happen if this guy is found guilty is, he'll be BCD and she'll get a transfer to another duty station.


Let the system work here. Prior to the Tailhook incident, Many Marine bases had bars on windows @ WM's Barrack's. That is a disgrace. On any military base any woman should not have to be in fear of rape.




I have seen several incidents while serving in the Military where the female participant was willing at the time, and then decided later that they were drunk, or had a change of heart (other participant wasn't in love with them) and claimed rape. When the Military got tough on sexual harassment, due to civilian pressure, they began a witch hunt and made it very easy for anyone to yell rape. The Military wanted to show the public that they took sexual assault and harassment seriously and started charging and convicting anyone accused. The Military courts are extremely one sided and biased, they are not like the television court martials, and they certainly are not like civilian or local courts, who we all know are as corrupt as they come. If you are accused in the Military and it goes to an Article 32, you can bet your pay that they will find enough evidence to goto Court Martial, and once it goes to the Judge Advocate, you stand a snow balls chance in H**l of winning. Now my question is this, I thought that local police could not investigate active Military personnel? I thought the Barney's had to turn it over to the Branch investigative units and just assist.