Erie County jail inmate 'shanks' officer

An inmate used a sharpened toothbrush to attack a corrections officer Thursday in the Erie County jail.
Emil Whitis
Mar 8, 2013


The jail guard, Brittany Hess, wasn’t injured and neither was the inmate, Taylor Krueger.

Krueger, 22, of Sandusky, was charged with assault on a corrections officer, a fifth degree felony. She was initially booked into the jail Tuesday on drug charges.

Jail guards had her wear a suicide smock, a type of thick blanket that cannot be folded or twisted. It’s used to keep prisoners from strangling themselves. 

At about 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Krueger complained that the smock’s Velcro fastener was loose. When Hess walked into the cell to refasten it, Krueger turned and swiped the sharpened toothbrush at her.

“She tried to stab the corrections officer in the stomach,” Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

 When Hess blocked Krueger’s hand, Krueger followed up with a swat from her left hand. The blow struck Hess’ shoulder radio, causing no injuries.

Hess then tackled Krueger to the ground and held her there until other guards rushed in.

Krueger had been booked into the jail Feb. 21, following a traffic stop in Perkins where she claimed possession of a pipe with crack-cocaine residue, a hypodermic syringe and a prescription pill, according to Perkins police Lt. Vince Donald.

She posted bond and was released, but five days later a Perkins police officer found a bag of marijuana stuffed under the back seat of his cruiser. Krueger had been the last person in the back seat.

When police caught up to her March 2, she admitted the marijuana was hers.

She appeared March 5 in Sandusky Municipal Court, where a judge revoked her bond and sent her back to jail.  She remains in the jail without bond.



Krueger turned and swiped the sharpened toothbrush her. ??

Tool Box

“She tried to stab the corrections officer in stomach,” ??

Sit n Spin

C'mon Emily Whitis you're better than this !!!


Was anyone really shanked? Makes a good headline I guess!

3M TA3

Don't worry about facts or editing. When news breaks, we'll fix it.


The blow struck Hess's shoulder radio?? Ok. lol

Tool Box

Dang! I missed that one!


Thats the award winning Sandusy Register for ya. I dont think swiped and shank are the same thing, but I did not go to reporter collage.


I bet they wouldn't hesitate to jump on grammatical errors in police reports. This is the third one I've seen, in the past week, from this writer.

Rusty of Sandusky

Be careful! Matt Westerhold gets VERY defensive when you discuss the grammatical and spelling errors in his newspaper!


Is Brittany Hess a relative to long ago Sheriff Al Hess?


WOW- you guys are rough on this reporter. Typos shouldn't happen when you're a professional writer/journalist- I'll give you that. But come on- cut some slack, no one is infallible- or didn't you ever make a mistake at your job? Do you have a job? Is it with SPD?


That is my point, exactly, Ithink.


People ARE fallible. My issue with the SR and several of the readers is that police officers are demonized, when they make mistakes. And, they are far too often accused of mistakes, when a mistake wasn't even made, in which they are again demonized. The accusations come from a lack of understanding of the job. And to answer your question... Yes, I have a job and no, it is not with SPD.


It's not that nobody's infallible. It's that the Register in general, and this reporter (among several) in specific, are guilty of such mistakes on an appallingly regular basis. "Professional" doesn't enter in, nor does "writer/journalist" when that's the best you can do! I suspect the Register doesn't have a proofreader on staff, and that the editors couldn't pass an English 101 test any more than can the average reporter.

I blame the public education system as well as the lazy man (and woman) who rely too much on a computer and too little on their brains (assuming, of course, they have any). My best guess is that they're not even professional enough to be embarrassed, though, so we can look forward to more of the same...


You can make a collage, but even those that go to college still cannot spell or type. The inmate could use some education. Maybe she will get it in prison.


Oh, and I think Emily is Emil Whitis, Sit and Spin, or the name is mistyped too.

Sit n Spin

That was my attempt at humor there ;) Get it ? Probably not :P

Bada Bing

What about the story?


Shank is a verb, so if the officer was not in fact "shanked" why does it say so in the title. How is it any different than if I wrote a story and the title was "Officer shot", and in fact the officer was shot at. "Erie County jail inmate 'shanks' officer" = "PLEASE read my story". Come on SR your better than this...........brahahahahahahahhahahaha.


If ANY of you took the time to pay attention the word shanks in the article title has " " (quotes) around it. Therefore I believe the journalist's intention was to be "funny", or in other words the journalist was attempting to emphasize the irony of what really happened in the situation by writing: Erie County Jail Inmate "Shanks" Officer. Do you all get it now? Probably not....


Has apostrophes,' Not quotes ". Not funny.
Erie County jail inmate 'shanks' officer


"Shanks" is in quotes (or single quotes, if you prefer) because it's prison slang for "stab." It's usually used in reference to a homemade stabbing implement, in this case, a sharpened toothbrush. Slang or otherwise, the synonym for "shanks" is "stabs," and that makes the headline both deliberately sensational and patently untrue.

Even if the reporter were attempting to be funny (he wasn't; this kind of thing is SOP these days at the Register), that only makes his offense that much worse. A reporter who inserts jokes or humor into a serious news story ought to be summarily fired. Aside from lying, there can be no greater offense. (And given the headline, he kinda did that, too...)


Google "Black Dolphin". Won't have this there.

Kottage Kat

I think you " shank" with shive.
Correct if am wrong.


You do "shank" with a "shiv" (no e). Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this story's STILL wrong since, while the "shiv" existed, the "shanking" didn't happen (despite some admitted effort).


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