Former deli owner in a pickle

Son, father accused in robbery of May poker game
Emil Whitis
Mar 7, 2013

A former deli owner was indicted Tuesday for being the alleged “mastermind” behind a May poker game robbery.

Jason Ahlers, 39, was charged with eight counts of complicity to aggravated robbery, receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and arson.

About a dozen people were bellied up to a poker table when two masked men stormed a late-night poker game May 25 on Cleveland Road.

“Hands up, hands up,” t h e suspects shouted while brandishing pistols. “Anybody that moves is going to get killed.”

The robbers demanded they give up the ante.

After pistol-whipping one man who gave them trouble the robbers disappeared into the night with almost $30,000 in cash and jewelry.

By June, Sandusky police had charged and caught the two suspected robbers—Jerry Webb, 33, and Daniel Gibbs, 23, both of Sandusky — but detectives were sure there was more to the story.

“We knew there had to be a connection inside a n d a l way s su sp e c t e d it was ( Jason) Ahlers,” Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said. “It just took some time to gather the information and corroborate it.”

Then during interviews one of the robbers cracked and told detectives Jason was the one who set it up, according to police.

Police took that information and ran it by other sources. It all lined up.


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SR watcher

Wow. Steve Ahlers. How the mighty have fallen.


Well, he was a Sandusky firefighter, after all!


What a great job the city of sandusky did when running a background check on him for the loan approval.

Tool Box

Maybe he showed them his pickle


You know who won't rob you blind? The Munchie Monkey, located next to Ruby Tuesdays at the sandusky mall, using only "boarshead" brand meats and cheeses, they have great food, every sandwich comes with a banana...

A banana is the box is better than a pickle with the cops


tell me it ain't so! Apples never fall far from thr tree!!!!!


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I wish there was a place were all the awesome, off color pickle jokes wouldn't get dill-doh'd out of the comments


Ate there when it was in the Columbus Ave. Plaza. Always a good crowd. Decent food for the price, no complaints. Never could figure out why they moved.


to catch the down town food stamp crowd


Jason had the Crunchy Pickle that was in the plaza at Strub and Columbus. Then reopened in the old Howard Johnson's building in the Sandusky Plaza. Here is the link to Erie County jails inmates so you can read all the charges and bond set for these 2.


Jason used to work at Thirsty Pony before he opened the deli

Hoss McGee

Hey Baby Girl call me. I'll take care of you now.


He's always been a real winner.

Tool Box

You can pick your friends and you can pick your pickles but you can't pick your friends' pickle!


is that a pickle in your pocket .... or are you just happy to see me...

Sorry, it just had to be done. ;]


I don't want to comment on Jason because I wish he had not done what he did, but as far as his dad goes...It couldn't have happened to a better guy!A Real Prick! Just saying!


Has the Krunchie Pickle Deli, LLC (Ohio Limited Liability Company) paid back any part of the loan to the city of Sandusky, Ohio?


The city is still looking at getting its money back.

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Yeah, sure, is he going to pay them in cigarettes?