Sandusky police investigate armed robbery

Two suspects robbed man at gunpoint on Polk Street
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 1, 2013


A Sandusky man was robbed at gunpoint Thursday night and police are still searching for the suspects. 

The two robbers approached the man at about 10 p.m. in the 1200 block of Polk St., where one of the men flashed a pistol at the victim.

Additional details on the incident weren't immediately available, but police said they set up a perimeter to search for the suspects, ultimately finding no one.

The victim was not injured.

Check back later today for more updates.



Just remember it doesn't matter what the robbers did before the cops arrived, who's to say these were aggressive robbers if it wasn't on the dashcam...woof.




Come on , They are just trying to raise money for " Pay Ms. Hansen's fines " fund , uummm , I mean " Justice for Lucy " fund ; )))


I am sure they are close personal friends of hers.

dire wolf

i don't think they'll need to raise money, the taxpayers will cover the cosr of that mess plus pain and suffering..

The Hamburglar

How much do you think they'll get? I'd like a Hawaiian vacation and was thinking of getting a Rottweiler to pay for it.


You'd be better off letting a cruiser hit you. The dog would remain alive and you'd still get your vacation.