Man gets 7 years for abusing boy

Christoffer Mills, 21, broke multiple bones in 9-month-old boy's body
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 28, 2013


A Huron County judged sentenced Mills to seven years after he pleaded guilty to felonious assault.

Authorities learned of the boy's injuries in July, when his mother took him to an Akron hospital for an unrelated problem (read here). At his sentencing Thursday, Mills said he loved the boy and he even had his initials tattooed on his body.

"I can't say I didn't love the kid. I did," Mills said. "Otherwise, I never would have gotten his initials tattooed on me."

The boy's mother blamed Mills when social workers took away her son (read here). At Thursday's sentencing, she said: "I had no idea what was happening. I was the last to know."

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The mother blamed the guy for the baby being taken away from her?? Come on!!! Her 9 month old child had multiple broken bones!!!! Even if they were fingers and toes he would have acted differently, like not grabbing for things or not wanting socks on or wanting to any pressure on his little feet because of the pain. I really hope that she's charged with something as well - like that little Owen's mother is. True he thankfully had his life spared in this situation but she still allowed this to go on and apparently turned her head while it was happening.


The so called mother is as bad as he is. unless she is mentally deficient she knew what was going on.

OH got initials tattoed on him ... Love is taking proper care of someone not inking yourself.

So NOT impressed with lowlifes like these two.


Hate to say it, but this is just another case of a woman taking a man into her house who she doesn't know. Instead of a front door, some women have a revolving door.


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Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!


he probably does, too.


That stayed up longer then I expected . Gotta keep those moderators on their toes . ; ))))


This guy should have a wonderful time in prison.


He isn't a man. He's a monster. Real men do not break babies bones or abuse babies.

dorothy gale

Exactly. A monster.


He is not a monster he is a good guy ....You only know what is being said about him and there is always 2 sides of the story....


Listen up sweetheart-Good guys don't take their anger out on a nine-month old helpless infant. Don't know what cave this p.o.s. was raised in, but obviously YOU know. He should've got 30+ years. Don't worry, am quite sure he will meet up with a GOOD GUY while he is in the state's vacation club!!! Just maybe he can get that tat removed,and covered with an open invite to the GOOD GUYS to make his stay oh so much better!!Deal with it!!!!LMAO all the way!!! BYE!!!!!!!!


Agreed saramac


@ stacy ...If you think he's a good guy let him break your arms a coupla times and then see what ya say.... stupid ingonorant drugged up worthless people.


@ Stacy

Hahahaha Are you freaking serious?
You may feel like he ant a monster most likely cause your related to him probally a sister or HIS MOTHER,I really find your ignorance funny and revolting at the same time,he deserves a lot longer then what he got but I don't think he will even last a year,he beat this 9 month old baby and yet that doesn't make him a bad person through your eyes? Wow that's right give him approvel for what he did,your whole family makes me sick,hope he enjoys being a prison b!t*h :-)


Oh yeah, he's Such a good guy. Only good guys break babies bones. My husband must be doing it all wrong then.

Wake up! He is a pathetic, spineless, cowardly monster if all he wants to do is hurt a poor defenseless infant.

Simple Enough II

No excuse, ever!


The kindest thing I could say about him is that he is ignorant. Problem is, this form of ignorance is becoming more and more prevalant. It's a product of poor parenting coupled with an inadequate educational system.


Is that Uday Hussein's double?

dorothy gale


The Hamburglar

Just be glad he didn't shoot a Rottweiler.


Worry about a @#!$ dog, but not children. See ...stuff like this, that's what make this country smell.

The Hamburglar

Right on! +1