Sandusky police deal with fallout in dog shooting

(UPDATED WITH PROTEST VIDEO) Police chief getting nasty emails from people upset about officer shooting dog
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 27, 2013

Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said his department has been receiving (click here) emails from people angry about last week's fatal shooting of a dog on Washington Court.

Officer Brad Wilson shot the dog after responding to a complaint about a dog running loose in the area. Police said the dog chased after the mailman and two residents (read here). The incident was recorded by a camera in Wilson's police cruiser (view here).

The dog's owner, Donna Hansen, has launched a grassroots movement to protest the shooting. Hansen appeared in Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday, where she pleaded not guilty to citations for dog at large and unlicensed dog. Afterward, she appeared on Between the Lines Live, the Register's online news program (view here).

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Also, click on the PDF below to read the emails some angry folks sent to the police department. There was one email expressing support for Wilson's decision to shoot the dog.



hating what? cops? you are insane. i respect police and authority as if i were one. it's obvious here though the sandusky PD haven't had adequate training in dealing with situations like this....


dude i'm ex-military six years active. i understand the pressures etc. that might go with being a cop in my hometown (the way it's changed over the years) BUT that doesn't give the right for him to pull out his side arm and shoot the dog.

obviously you are hell bent on defending any officer no matter what so there is no trying to reason with you. hopefully where you serve they aren't as close-minded as you.


LOL the peopl in that city are such a JOKE!! If the dog would have bit a kid, then they would be whining that Brad didnt act fast enough and should have shot him....Westerhold is leading the charge of that city right down even further into the dumps and they are too ignorant to realize it...


the problem is the dog didn't bite a kid, didn't attempt to bite the officer and he still shot it. there's no shoulda, woulda coulda after you pull the trigger.

i'm sure he knows he made a mistake and his employer is now paying for his gaff with public scrutiny.

it's not just sandusky. anywhere somebody is accused of abuse of power or negligent use of force the public eye is turned onto them. what's wrong with that? a lot of things in history have been brought into light and have forced change.

obviously the loss of the animal control officer in sandusky because of budget constraints has come back to bite them in the a@@.

no pun intended.


If the SPD wanted to be responsible, they could hire the Dog Whisperer to handle these situations. I, personally, think they should invest in a crystal ball that they can take on patrol with them, in order to read the thoughts of animals, as well as people. That way, if the dog was lunging, they could pull out the crystal ball and see if the dog meant business, or if it was just trying to intimidate. Dog language classes is also an option. Simple solutions for simple problems. Hey... is there any way we can blame Obama for this fiasco?


sounds like you are the type of person that would want to blame obama.

why is it so hard for some of you to realize the cop didn't have to shoot the dog? i mean obviously you people don't believe an domestic animal's life is worth a damn. but you'll be the same people screaming pro-life when a fetus is killed.

a guess something that is capable of thought, dreams and feelings isn't really a life huh?

your whole post was nonsense. why not bring the crystal ball into every argument known to mankind? wish i had a crystal ball so we coulda known hitler was going to be a monster. wish i had a crystal ball when i dropped out of school and impregnated my 15 year toothless cousin with quadruplets.

too bad you didn't have one then huh?


Well, miktoxic, it seems as though you made my point for me. I'll disregard the Obama comment. That joke obviously went over your head. So, since he didn't "have to" shoot the dog, please enlighten us on what Ofc. Wilson should have done. Because if you think about it, he didn't even HAVE to show up.


If your going to have a dog in the City, you either fence it in or chain it so it can't run free and threaten others. I realize ther eare many dog lovers out there, but the owners irresponsability is what killed their dog. the police officer did waht he felt he had to do. If that dog had bit someone, the owner would have had a law suit against them , and more than likely the dog would have been put down anyway! It was barking and growling at people for some period if time!