Sandusky police deal with fallout in dog shooting

(UPDATED WITH PROTEST VIDEO) Police chief getting nasty emails from people upset about officer shooting dog
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 27, 2013

Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said his department has been receiving (click here) emails from people angry about last week's fatal shooting of a dog on Washington Court.

Officer Brad Wilson shot the dog after responding to a complaint about a dog running loose in the area. Police said the dog chased after the mailman and two residents (read here). The incident was recorded by a camera in Wilson's police cruiser (view here).

The dog's owner, Donna Hansen, has launched a grassroots movement to protest the shooting. Hansen appeared in Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday, where she pleaded not guilty to citations for dog at large and unlicensed dog. Afterward, she appeared on Between the Lines Live, the Register's online news program (view here).

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Also, click on the PDF below to read the emails some angry folks sent to the police department. There was one email expressing support for Wilson's decision to shoot the dog.



I gotta admit, I'm guessing the SR is loving the hits on this one. Emotion always stirs the pot. :)




Yep...anything to sell this crappy "newspaper"


Not a person in the surrounding counties that doesn't know Westerhold is anti-police. He has proved it time and time again. Shame.


Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse...

Hon.Judge James Stacey


Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Hon. Judge Judy


I am the LAW! Put down your weapons and prepare to be judged!

Hon. Judge Dredd

Julie R.

I didn't personally know Judge Stacey but I sure have heard an "interesting" story or two about him.

As for a judge saying that Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse ..... if that's true, why are there so many judges ~ not to mention prosecutors ~ in Erie County that FEIGN ignorance of the law?


If only the cops and justice system would be as tough with their criminals, maybe Sandusky would be the hell hole it has turned into.

Hoss McGee

All her friends are saying the cop let the dog suffer. So what they are saying he should've unloaded the gun on The MUTT then go kick the MUTT to make sure the MUTT was dead.


The posts about this are proof that our society is severely ill. Anyone who puts the value of a dog above that of a human needs their head examined. Just more proof of the decay of morals in America.


The SR...enabling an attention whor* to further Matt's longstanding agenda to discredit the SPD. One need only to watch the rally video to see that this has less to do about her dog than it does about her getting attention.

dire wolf

This city doesn't need that type of cop in this town. We deserve better. I'd rather have one less cop patroling our streets than to have to put up with these kind of actions. "I had no other choice" does not cut it in this situation. Policemen should be role models to our children, he was the opposite. Shame on the chief for agreeing with his action. I learned alot about our police department again this week. I'm not impressed again.


Large dog that is unlicensed, and running at large and has had several complaints called to the police about = careless owners. Even the mail lady spoke up and said shes avoided delivering mail because of this dog.

Blame the owners, not the cop.


This issue at large is not whether or not the dog was licensed. It's how the officer handled the situation. In my opinion, it was handled in the worst way possible. After watching the video, noone was in imminent danger and therefore the use of lethal force was not justified. Anytime an officer uses his weapon, it better be absolutely justified. I for one am not comfortable with this officer representing the Sandusky Police Department if this is a representation of the decisions that he makes.

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Sandusky Regist...


dire wolf

well said. i couldn't agree more.


Spot on.

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IT'S ON youtube .

BULLISDEEP's picture

Nothing to do with sandusky, My point was this is now world wide.


Everything to do with dog attacks. My point was this is now world wide too.


Hmmm wonder how it got o there????

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To bad they didn't post the full video.


Because the dog chased a postal worker into a neighbors home when the owner was nowhere to be found, this shooting was 100% justified. I love Rotts, but they can be extremely dangerous with irresponsible owners. In this case, it its quite obvious these owners are irresponsible. Step up and take responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming the cop for your wrongdoings. So simple


Did you watch the video? I believe at the end, the officer can't even find the Postal worker who is supposedly hiding in a house. The officer approaches the dog and makes a decision to shoot the dog within 1 minute of arriving on the scene. Noone else is visible in the video while this happens. Hence the comment that NOONE WAS IN IMMINENT DANGER therefore the shooting is NOT JUSTIFIED by any means. Where was the dog warden or someone who is actually trained to handle loose animals?

We are not dealing w/ a rabid racoon here, we are dealing with a family's pet. I would've hoped the an officer would have at least attempted to contact the right personnel to do the job or attempted to control the situation before resulting to shooting.

Again, not a sign of good judgement, probably not qualified to be working as an officer.

he said she said

IMO this is what Hansen wanted: citizens in an uproar over her dog being shot because she is a repeat offender (and if I understood it correctly--hadn't paid the fine from before) and an irresponsible dog owner.

You can say all you want what your dog was like, so can I but I can guarantee that even though mine doesn't bite me, doesn't mean she won't bite someone else.

Put your big girl pants on, pay your fines, and stop blaming everyone else for what you did to your dog!!


Good luck with that....


This was so wrong it said the dog died instantly but in the video you can see the dog trying to move the whole time. I feel the dog didnt have to be shot and then to let her lay there and suffer Just wrong