SPD hopes to improve communication

Having detectives work as transcriptionists bogs down the workflow for police investigations, according to commanders and detectives at the Sandusky Police Department. A 2011 study of police operations reached the same conclusions.
Emil Whitis
Feb 25, 2013


But commissioner Pervis Brown, the police liaison on city commission, is not sure the department should be allowed to hire support staff for the department. 

"It all depends on revenue," Brown said. "We're still going through the budget for this year." 

Brown said he isn't sure a part-time typist has a place in the city's $15 million budget. 

"What other important things need to be done that are ahead of this? I don't know," Brown said. "We're still in the process of getting a new chief." 

A committee headed up by Brown recently forwarded the names of three candidates for the police chief's job. The process was delayed by administrative mistakes requiring a re-start of the search.

The last list submitted by Brown's committee includes current assistant SPD chief John Orzech. 

Click here to read the resumes of the three SPD chief candidates.
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Wouldn't having them take a typing class be cheaper and easier?


Another area PD was doing this in the 1970s.

Sit n Spin

Some communication and sensitivity training is needed and maybe Swinger Ritterbach will quit threatening to shoot Smitty in the back !


The best place to reorient the returning Ritterbach is where he'll receive the supervision he obviously needs, parked in front of a keyboard and monitor, dotting i's and crossing t's until the caseload is brought under control. As a taxpayer, I believe this solves the need for hiring an additional parttime administrative assistant.



Just Sayin IMHO

I am qualified. I also have proofreading and editing experience. References available.... I would love to do that part time....

local man

We have money to commission a 62K study but you can't cough up funding for a clerical person for the detectives, cmon now. Try the OH Business College, they always have interns looking for job experience. Take some of the overtime money wasted and pay for a clerical person.


OBC doesn't normally ask for paid internships either. They are always looking for places to put their people for OJT work. That's a really good idea. Offer a place for them to get some experience by using their techniques at the SPD.


Get with any of the colleges that have criminal justice majors and have them intern for a semester. You could fill that position for free for years to come and give some student valuable experience in his/her future endeavor.


The city can think about moving city hall but say no to a proper maintained staff so the department can function.