Arrested in Norwalk, Fremont, Vermilion, Port Clinton, Bellevue and Ottawa County

The regional police blotter is available today in the Sunday Register.
Feb 24, 2013


The police blotter today includes arrest and incident reports from across the region. 


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This is what local journalism exists for. There was this jerk in high school I still don't like, will you text me if he gets arrested?

Sitting In The ...

Why even bother writing this article....why not just make the title "you could read this if you buy something"


Every once in a while I will buy a paper to see what I am missing. NOTHING. Still don't regret cancelling my subscription. There was nothing of interest in it.


I used to get the paper on Sunday only to get the ads. Now I can read the ads online and I don't have to get the paper any longer.


News should be free, especially police blotters.

Just Sayin IMHO

I love the blotter... but the SR isn't the same as it once was... it's more like the national enquirer...