Former Sandusky car lot owner will stay in prison

Judges have denied an appeal from a used car salesman serving five and a half years in prison on a series of theft, forgery and motor vehicle title convictions.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 21, 2013


Timothy Newman, 52, has more than three and a half years left on his sentence at Marion Correctional Institution.

The former owner of Newman Motors, a used car lot, was sentenced in 2011. He was convicted on 27 felony charges, including forging and cashing two checks that were supposed to be used to repair storm damage to his home. He was also convicted on several counts of theft for selling cars to nine people, but not giving them the titles to the vehicles.

A three-judge panel from the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals in Toledo has denied Newman's appeal, upholding Erie County visiting Judge Michael Corrigan's decisions in the case.



Left Sandtown

Good to know Erie County locks all their criminals up,and keeps them locked up,all you citizens should feel safe.God Bless you all!


Murderers get second chances and walk the streets.

he said she said

My son bought a car from his dad years ago. My father spoke highly of the father so that's why we went there. He never had a problem and got what he paid for. As for this one, I would suddenly get cotton mouth if his butt was on fire!

Tsu Dho Nimh

And this is your brain on drugs!

There you go again

But Jesse Jackson, Jr. ripped-off $750,000 from people and he will probably get a slap on the wrist. Go figure..........


Did not hear about this. Can you post a link?


Check any national news source, but the good juicy stuff about J.J. Jr can be found on the Drudge Report. They had links to most of the articles and his Plea Deal yesterday.


Thank you MrSandusky.


I should hope they would deny the appeal. This man ripped off a lot of people. What possible appallet items could there be on his trial?

With 3 1/2 years to go, why would anyone bother with an appeal to begin with?

Julie R.

In corrupt Erie County a used-car salesman goes to jail for five and a half years for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity -- i.e. forgery, theft, and causing defects in the titles to used cars.

On the other hand, if attorneys and financial institutions engage in a pattern of criminal activity --- forged power of attorneys, forged Wills, fraudulent transfers of property, internal criminal changes to an elderly incompetent person's contracts, etc., etc. --- the joke courts will pull off one scam after another to cover it up. The jokes even forced property with serious defects in the title to be sold at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title.


Just the way he treated his wife should'nt He be fried? Sorry pam you and your daughter deserved better.What a jerk every thing you went thru plus all the crap he brought on. He should never be let out! wish u were back in the hood!

Julie R.

So how did this guy ever get away with selling cars to nine people without ever giving them the titles? Same way the Erie County courts and the sheriff's department pulled it off on the Huron property of my deceased mother and stepfather, maybe? According to the realtor that bought the property at that court-ordered scam sheriff sale, he was never given the title to the property, either. He claimed the only thing the court and/or Sheriff Lyons gave him was a Sheriff Sale Deed.

Yeah, right. I heard different. I heard if I never signed off on the title that's being withheld/concealed --- and I sure as heck didn't --- then technically he doesn't even OWN that property.

Julie R.

The Erie County courts are a joke. The hypocrites sit up there on their throne and send people to prison for not even a tenth of the illegal crap that they and their attorney friends pull off.