Sandusky police: Woman duct-taped son's face

Sandusky police have charged a woman who allegedly covered her son's face with duct tape as a gag.
Emil Whitis
Feb 20, 2013


The boy's father called police Monday after receiving a disturbing cell phone picture of his 7-year-old son.

The picture came from Tiffany Ennis, 31, of Sandusky, a Sandusky police report said. She is now charged with two counts of child endangering.

“(The mother) sent a picture to (the father) of their child … with his eyes and mouth covered with duct tape,” the report said. “She advised it was funny.”

The father disagreed. Police called the mother, who said “she was playing around with duct tape with her friend and their kids,” the report said.  

The mother said no one was hurt and she was only joking, but police forwarded their findings to the prosecutor’s office, which approved the charges on Wednesday.

For more on the incident and charges, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.





Exactly what was the point of her so-called gag? I'm not laughing, either.

Kottage Kat

Ya just can't fix stupid


I thought you could fix EVERYTHING with duct tape.....maybe it was zip ties!!! lmao


Just like Red Green says "Duct tape , the handy man's secret weapon" ; ))))


even with duct tape


What does the kid say? Were they just paying around and having fun? Did he see this as funny? If so, let it go! Jeez we did this kind of thing to each other all the time as kids. More than once our stupidity ended in the ER for stitches.(and yes my parents were sometimes in on the fun). However, if this was done as a punishment, disregard my entire post, and put her in with the Senior Abuser


She should have just velcro'd him to the wall. He could breathe so I don't really see the big deal and I vaguely remember me and my brothers doing stuff like this when we were kids with regular tape. I'm bettin' the kid wanted to do it.

Phil Packer

It's not like she duct taped his...............


Like to see pic of when the duct-tape came off. Any hair left.


I hope they remove the boy from her custody. A woman who is mature enough to have a child and raise it correctly would never joke around in such a manner. The fact that she did this shows just how immature she is. Would she be laughing if someone had taped her up like that? That boy could be traumatized for life. If she does something like this as a joke, what does she do for punishment?

Isnt that Special's picture
Isnt that Special

well now isn't that special...more and more we are taking away the power of parenting from actual parents and allowing "the system" or children services to dictate what we can and what we can't do or say to our kids. some kids need a good time out for being so obnoxious and disrespectful towards adults and everyone else... but this looks more like an innocent playful thing and now its been blown out of proportion. Now I do understand that there are parents that do horrible things to their kids and yes those folks should be punished, but this....oy vey!!!
Shouldn't the father have made a phone call to the mother first and see what was up with that whole thing. Now the kids gonna see his mom thru bars....there's some trauma for ya Lissa4u..


This post has to be layer in sarcasm...I hope.


@isn't that special
I couldnt agree more

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Charge the father with filing a false police report. This is just a case of the noncustodial parent that doesnt want to pay child support, getting back at the mom by using his children as a pawn.


And you know this is a split family how?


And you know it's not how? Using the common sense method of thinking, what married man would call the police on his wife over something so trivial? This is the kind of stuff that goes on regularly during custody disputes, where the noncustodial parent nitpicks every little thing, and never passes on an opportunity to CREATE child abuse allegations in order to advance their agenda.


I actually agree with you on this one Knuckle. I'm thinking you hit the nail on the head with your estimation of this event.

seriously 1137

That's exactly what it is...go to fathers facebook page...and its clear. His family also reported the event and sent pics to all the local tv news networks!!

seriously 1137

That's exactly what it is...go to fathers facebook page...and its clear. His family also reported the event and sent pics to all the local tv news networks!!


Unbelievable....Seems like you can't have any fun any more. The child looks like he is having fun to me.... What's next a parent is going to get arrested for taking their kid to Cedar Point when the other parent does not agree to it?


Wow, you can tell the child is having fun by most of his face being covered. Let me took the photo.

I bet the child had a heck of a good time when the duct tape was being removed!


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Seems odd to me the father called the police instead of handling it between himself and his wife


Could not agree more with the comments of DEEPsix, Kilroy, Isn't that special and Man on the Street.

yea right

Sounds like dad needs to grow up


I understand the concern of Erie County officials, however the boy is smiling,laughing as it is a joke, and doesn't seem underfeed...unlike other children in Erie County.


And you can tell the child is laughing, how? Maybe the child was screaming when the mother taped him up....maybe the tape is making his cheeks rise, as it could appear he is smiling, or screaming for help!


It's obvious you are the kids father. Quit posting, you are making yourself look even more ridiculous than this article already does.


It doesn't say the parents are married or even together at all! If his nose had been covered yeah I would have a major problem with this! We wonder why today's youth are so egocentric and all about themselves! What are we the parents allowed to do? I'm not allowed to spank my kid, even if he or she did something to deserve it. I got my butt spanked did it kill me am I oh so traumatized by it??? UM NO!!! This kid was probably just playing with his mom, people need to get a grip!! Unless it comes out that she did something more than put duct tape on his eyes and mouth how is this child abuse I would like to know?

bigsexy are allowed to spank your child!

And yes, all of these comments are based on a newspaper article, not an official police report.

seriously 1137

I know Tiffany, and her kids and I can say with 100% certainty there was no ill will involved here. I can say the child was not "traumatized for life" because they played around with duct tape and sent a funny pic to daddy!!! I did this crap all the time when I was little probably worse. I can say he probably is going to be traumatized now after his face being blasted on the cover of news outlets all over northern Ohio.
Parents all over this world severly abuse kids, in a number of horrific I understand (especially in this area lately) that the police aren't taking anything lightly. But that doesn't mean you can throw the book at everything...investigate. This kid is not hurt, the father went way to far...lets save the harsh charges for the multiple low-life parents around that truly don't care for their kids.


I agree with you. Yes, they certainly did need to do an investigation (did the police speak to the child ALONE to get his take on the situation?) before charging mom. I don't know any parties in this, but I looked at the mom's Facebook page and my gut instinct tells me that this was just a joke (a very bad one) that received way too much attention. What is the scoop with dad? Are they married, live together, divorcing, etc...? Did he go to the child's house to see and talk with him? Gotta love how a policeman can write his opinion of a situation and give it to the prosecutor, who in turn listens to the police's account and then decides to bring about charges. Did the prosecutor speak to the mom or the child? Geeesh--there are more important things happening in this world than a poor decision that a mom made in jest.

yea right

If this the case arrest the internet


I believe it was all in fun and the father is trying to get her in trouble for some reason (does he want full custody?). Looks to me the boy is smiling behind the tape. Tape doesn't even look like it is on tightly. If his nose AND mouth were covered~it might be a different story. I truly believe they were just playing around. If she wasn't, why in the world would she send the picture to the father? To think about what we all did while growing up~LOL~ Were the other mothers that were playing around with them charged? Drop this one and go out after the children (and animals for that matter) who are really getting abused. GOD knows there are many out there! I don't believe it is here.


If she sent it to the Father to scare him or to be sarcastic then it worked because he reported it and looking at the picture it is what it is. She should know better than to have fun at her own child's expense. Very bad choice to tape up her child and now there are consequences.


I just wonder how easy duct tape is to remove from lips, eyelashes, hair etc.


: )


Put some duct tape on any part of the body where hair is exposed. Not a good or playful time taking it off!


it'll rip the lips open and anything with hair yowwwssa!


I do know Tiffany! She told me about this herself! It was all in fun intent! The duct tape was only on long enough to snap the picture! If she was trying to hurt the boy would she really take a picture as if to say, Look at what I did? Really, this is blown way out of proprtion....people just need to get a life!!!! She said that the tape didn't even pull any hair out and he was laughing!!!!!


Riiiiight because she'd tell you she was abusing her child


I seriously doubt a photo would have been taken and and sent via cell if there were any activity that would have caused harm to this boy. The only crime I see with this is the city employees wasting the tax payers money when more important issues deserve the time. The outcome of this fiasco should have a great influence at election time. How can you respect this type of authority?


If the child was not harmed (by the removal), it was in fun, and the child was a willing participant I really don't see the big deal


This was all in good fun...the mom probably said, "Good lord, you talk a lot!", then probably followed with, "quiet down, or I'll tape your head shut"...and the boy may have said, " Well go ahead then, mom!", she did this in good fun, all around...then sent a pic. to the dad, as, "Look at this boy. Isn't he a hoot?"...that's were he took it too far. Hey, Buddy? about a sense of humor?...Got one?


Maybe a piece of tape across the mouth would be sufficient.

The mom probably said.................nice assumption!


Why not, you are making an assumption that it didn't happen that way. If you are that mad about having to pay child support, why not fight it out in civil court instead of traumatizing your kids by having their mom charged with a criminal act? What a classless, poor example of a father.

seriously 1137

KnuckleDragger, I could not agree with you more. This is so Immature. Fight your battles in court and leave the kids out of it as much as possible!! Its not their fault you chose to have a child with her and it didn't work out!!!! your the joke here


Why don't the police arrest the real criminals?? This is newsworthy? Was there a ransom text also sent to the father we are missing out on? Come on now.


OMG really I know both sides of the family, and I think "daddy" is overreacting! Come on there is a smile on his face and I know for a fact Tiffany loves her kids and would go from hell and back for them! She loves them more than ANYTHING! This is ridiculous! How about we spend our tax money on real crimes like crooked cops, murderers, and what not! this is just stupid! JUST SAYING!!!

2cents's picture

We need to make cell phones illegal, they are dangerous to society, can contain obscene or incriminating material, have the ability to hold more than ten pictures in a storage device and really, "you do not need that much capacity"?


All YOU are doing is tramatizing (spelling?) These kids and they are just going hate you later on in life.

Kottage Kat

The article says " father of their child "
Were they ever married?

Kottage Kat

Got ahead of your post
Need more caffine



Not a big deal......Sounds like the dad is a crybaby. If the kid would have called for help then maybe, but this is obviously a joke or she wouldnt have sent out pictures....Get real. Let her walk.


Well now the Village Idiots with Children Services can swoop in and steal another kid from his parents. @ Big SEXY:::Would it have been ok with you if the stuff was any other tape then duct tape? Just asking because you said a piece across the mouth was sufficient. I am not advocating the play was in good taste, but clearly the father should have known it was play.My kids and I play and do crazy things all the time and take pictures to send to their Dad....They are called captured memories of fun things we do together that they want to share with their DAD!!!! Maybe I won't send any more pictures of "our fun time" to their Dad....I surely don't want to be arrested for being a parent and interacting with my child on a level other than to correct them.

Julie R.

One would think she could of found a better way to spend some quality time playing with her kids. That had to hurt like heck when it came off!


I have a documented hospital report of my ex-wife doing drugs with my son and she was never brought up on charges and never even drug tested. Which is the protocol for children service's. And this mother gets arrested. LOL Give me a break !!! Is someone trying to get a raise or some brownie points for doing so. Tax payer's money hard at work for us people.


You bring up a good point, but I think the reasoning is what happened with the Vermillion family that had the one child die.
I do not agree with what this mother did, but CPS is also going to be very agressive IMO because many feel they dropped the ball in the Vermillion case.




No one knows the whole story except those that were in the house. I know both people and the mom of the 11 year old child. The mom and the other child did not find it funny, even though the paper said she did. I heard Tiffany's side. But I also listened to the other child and her mother's side. The whole story is not printed. No Tiffany did not mean harm, it was a stupid act. But this is not a funny situation and people need to grow up. There are other ways to have fun. On a side note: if you rip a band-aide off you take hair. If you rip off duct tape you will also. Why don't you people who find it funny try it on yourself and tell me how YOU feel?

Only on the beach

just not sure what to think about this. Maybe playing. I could see maybe 1 strip of tape across his mouth or eyes but it likes she wrapped a whole roll of tape around his head. And didnt she consider how this was going to feel when being removed? even if they were just playing. My other thought is the dad didnt find it funny and had concerns so he must have thought she was capable of causing their son harm or distress or else he wouldnt have called the police. I hope for the boys sake it is all a misunderstanding and he was having fun with his mom.

Only on the beach

Of course I don't know the dad so he could be someone who trying to destroy the mom and saw this as his chance. In that case the mom should not have given him the opportunity.

thinkagain's picture

Maybe maybe maybe, assume assume assume, speculate speculate speculate...


So if it rips a little hair out, that only hurts for a few minutes. If his mom is locked up in jail, don't you think the hurt would be alot more severe? You are talking about traumatizing the child? My suggestion is to drop the case....persueing it will only traumatize him more!


This is my point, it should not have got to the point of ripping hair out and the child hurting even "for a few minutes". Her doing it was stupid and immature. Like I said before I know everyone involved and in the end this should not have happened. Look at the picture, I do not see anything funny. The picture makes me sick and upset. Yes the children being would be traumatizing and because I know her I do not think she meant harm. I also do not see anything funny about it either. If I were the father I would have also went to the police.


Are we really debating why a mother who duct taped her kid up and sent a picture to the father is being charged with child endangering?
I don't care if you know the mother, or the father, or if you think it was done in "fun", it's not right.
Would it have been different if the father did this? Yes, it would have. Either way it was wrong and the father did what he needed to do.
And, to the poster yapping about child support,vhis child support is not going to stop because of this, so your argument is not valid.

seriously 1137

Child support would stop when's he's seeking full custody


Again you are wrong. Seeking full custody takes months to years depending on the type of the case. They don't stop child support just because you ask the court for custody. Now if he WINS custody of the child, then child support would be stopped.
And honestly him getting custody would not be for sure in Erie county.

he said she said

I do not think this is funny. When I first saw the picture I almost vomited. Does the mother not realize that there are children and adults that are in real life danger being kidnapped and held hostage this way?

I think the father did the right thing. Get a police report so if something does seriously happen to these children, they know where to start.

Sure the kids are gonna think it's funny and in good fun. Kids think South Park is funny too....


If you study the photo, it seems there is a mirror in front of him. He appears to be having fun, and most likely (assuming again...right?) he was compliant with "how much" tape was being applied. My 6 year old would've told me to keep going with the tape.


Was this lady stuck on stupid or what? Can you imagine removing it? OUCH


I put handcuffs on my kid because we were playing cops and robbers in my house...I suppose Im a bad parent now.

Ban Duct tape. lol


This picture would be especially alarming to the parent who is not with the children. To all the people on here who think it was some good fun. You all need a reality check. This is what happens to kidnap victims and victims of abuse. Taking a picture of a child like this is cause for concern. It's not funny, it's not good fun. There is something very very wrong with the "Mother" who did this and with the people who think it is fun to take a picture of a child taped up like this. Who could possibly enjoy this picture?