Man who body-slammed Perkins senior turns self in

With detectives hot on his trail, a Perkins Township man suspected of body-slamming a 73-year-old man during a Feb. 12 road rage incident turned himself Tuesday.
Emil Whitis
Feb 20, 2013

Joshua Herrin, 25, is charged with aggravated menacing and felonious assault.

Herrin initially refused to talk to police.

Detectives said witness statements led them to AVI Food Systems on Tuesday. Witnesses said the assailant drove away in a company box truck after the assault.

For more about the investigation pick up a copy of Wednesday's edition of the Register.



This is a shame for both the victim and for the problems that Josh has gotten himself into. Josh was a pretty good kid back in his baseball years (11 years old).

Mel's Comments

A lesson to all 11-year-old baseball players out there. Don't be like Josh. -A Public Service Announcement

Mel's Comments

See Josh throw road rage fit in school zone.
See Josh get out and body slam elderly man.
See Josh go to jail.

Don't be a Josh

Taking T-shirt orders now...


Anger issues, instantly blows up at the first slight. Needs anger management classes. They should have classes in schools nowadays. The elderly gent may have been aggravateing, should rethink driving if he is slow, and reacts slowly while driving. Anyway, I hope they both recognize that they both are at fault here, and learn from it .

Mel's Comments

You know what's aggravating? You spelling "aggravateing" incorrectly.


sorry, breathe, I do make spelling mistakes, not perfect, not getting out the ole dictionary.


Now let's talk about your punctuation. It also stinks.

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Comma usage classes are available at your local community college. Someone take the comma off of her keyboard.


There is always two sides to every story !! Josh will have his day in court.. Dont judge him if you dont know the whole story.. You ppl have nothing better to do then to sit behind a screen and worry about other peoples lives.. Shame on you all..

Mel's Comments

shame on you for defending a scumbag beater!

Mel's Comments

Irony: You sitting behind the screen doing the same thing you are slamming others for. (Look up irony)


How much more do we need to know, a punk kid beat up an old man. The old man did NOT have any type of weapen, so it cant be self defence. Can not think of any other resone a Punk kid will pick up an old man and slam him to the ground. But can not wait to here what he comes up with.


I am so ashamed now. You sure told me...


Oh why don't you go kick start your Harley. I guess you think what he did is okay? Get real the guy has a poor history so don't give us this holier than thou two sides to the story spiel!


Boy do we have an overzealous moderator on here today. It seems the SR is getting worse everyday with the gestapo like moderation.


Godwin's Law

he said she said

Sure, there are those elderly that should not be driving, but what gives this kid the right to body slam anyone? What if this man had is grandkids or g-grandkids in the car and they had to witness this? I bet if this was somebody the same size and age, his punk @## wouldn't have done the same thing. He's a bully and will continue to pick on those that he knows can't defend themselves against him. And low and behold, when the police went to his job, his mother starts crying. 'It didn't happen the way it was reported'. Ok, so who's the liar? All the people that were witness to this or the punk that disrespected this man by throwing him down? Mom, he's 25. He's your son and I know you love him but lying for him is not making him grow up. He's going to hide behind your apron as long as you let him. Step back and let him see what he has done to this man--broken hand, bruised ribs and a gash on his head. What about his family? I know everyone in the reading area has had or knows someone who has had bruised or broken ribs. It's so painful--to move, to breath, to sit and even lay down. To the punk: I don't think you should go to jail. I think you should have to go help this family a couple of days every week as probation for the next two years no matter what the weather is.

Just Saying

This young man has probably bullied everyone around him for most of his life and gotten away with it. Rude awakening when you find out you have to actually follow the laws of society like everyone else, which is not beating somebody up because he pi$$ed you off - whaaa. Parent and/or good buddy enablers?? Most likely. And if I'm right, he has a toddler - probably not a candidate for Father of the Year there either.

He should feel pretty lucky that his victim survived, and he isn't facing a death penalty - his elderly victim is a pretty likely candidate for a heart attack under such circumstances.


Wow! Great group of people are commenting here. None of you know what the full story is, just as none of you were present when this happened. What happen to innocent until proven guilty? What a bunch of judgemental puppets.


You do realize where you are? It's the comments section of an online newspaper article, not a jury room. People just post what they think. I think it's meant to be fun and not all that serious. Have some tea, watch Downton Abbey and get a good night's sleep.

Just Saying

Seriously - what an ignorant post. Can you really think of one "full story" that would even remotely give his actions justice?? You must be one of his enablers. And you ask what happens to innocent until proven guilty? - Uh, did you miss where he turned himself in and that there were witnesses?("witnesses means someone witnessed it)!


HOW DO YOU KNOW JUDGEMENTAL that none of us were there? A few good citizens stoped, we could be one of them, the police were called, could be one of them, fire dept. was called for the ambulance could be one of them ????


There's no e in judgmental and puppets have no human qualities.

he said she said

Since you say that we don't know the full story why do you enlighten us? Give us a play by play on what happened and don't leave anything out. Then I want you to tell us how you got your information.



Wow, what are you saying? Let's see, the 25 year old felt threatened so He pulled into the old man's driveway for protection and had to whip His A@# to save His own behind. Then He leaves the scene "Disn't want to be a Hero , You Know" and denies to0 the police he was even there. All His battle scars have had time to heal. The old man pulled him to ground and he just happened to fall on top of Him. I'd bet you really bought into Hillary's testimony on Benghazi. To bad somebody didn't take action.

The Big Dog's back

Hillary? Benghazi? I'd say you sank to a new low but that's impossible.


Oh, by the way, you pulled my strings!


I’m glad to see the moderator lately demonstrating increased fairness by removing all personal attacks, not just mine. :) Leave your opinions and forego deliberately antagonizing other commenters by picking fights.


There's our little body slammer.


lmao!! Gee, he's all grown up.....