Man who body-slammed Perkins senior turns self in

With detectives hot on his trail, a Perkins Township man suspected of body-slamming a 73-year-old man during a Feb. 12 road rage incident turned himself Tuesday.
Emil Whitis
Feb 20, 2013

Joshua Herrin, 25, is charged with aggravated menacing and felonious assault.

Herrin initially refused to talk to police.

Detectives said witness statements led them to AVI Food Systems on Tuesday. Witnesses said the assailant drove away in a company box truck after the assault.

For more about the investigation pick up a copy of Wednesday's edition of the Register.



Maybe a bunch of seniors could do "Cane Fu" on his behind. I'm surprised he had the stones to turn himself in.

Kottage Kat

Ah Kane Fu good
Kat teach
You remember





Okay, I"m not a senior but I still have to use a cane once in a while due to the back and balance thing....

Oops, I shoulda spelled it Kane w/ a K ....Ahhh Haaaa!

Hiii Yaaaahh :)

Kottage Kat

I am a senior
Passed driving test
use a Kane when needed
Pink belt in Kane Fu
And depends
This fella no want to mess with ole kat
Active member grey panthers

Just Saying

Hee Hee - Good one !

Mel's Comments

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I am glad to hear that he was caught. When I first saw the bully's photo, I thought of Adam Sandler.


You guys that are really big and think you can handle yourself could get yourself in real trouble. A young guy over six feet can have a very big problem trying to handle a guy 5-8 that is drugged up, just ask any of the police. They can be 2 or 3 times as strong and feel no pain and pepper spray might not slow them down. I don't and have never carried but I don't blame anyone for carrying a 45, your 32 is to small.


Guys like him only threaten, women, children and the elderly. They back down when challenged. I wonder how he will handle himself inside, that's if aggravated menacing and felonious assault earns him any jail time.


No excuse for this, maybe he had a lot of road rage. The driving skills of the elderly do get on my last good nerve, but if that was the case this guy should written down this guys plate & reported it to the police. On the issue of elderly driving, there should be a law that after 60-65 when they renew their license, they should have to take the driving test over also.


This puke is a punk and always has been a punk. I wish he would try to body slam me, but then he wouldn't because I would pile drive this pencil neck into the ground and I am twice his age. Punks never grow up.


This guy should be locked up an the key thrown away. There was no reason for this kind of thing. He had no right to do this.

(Isn't that the same company that the people worked for who snuck things into the jail? Or am I mistaken? )

he said she said

Wired: I usually read your posts and sit back and say yea, there's something to that. But this time, sorry, I can't. Jail is not going to do anything for this kid but give him more ideas for next time (like an adult time out). Helping this family, this elderly man that he abused, would be a better punishment because he has to look this 73 year old man in the face every time he had to go to this man's home. Maybe it would open his eyes that he cannot go around beating on people because he's having a bad day or things aren't going his way.


Thanks. I agree to a point, but how can anyone, with this boys anger problems, be assured that the first time he got mad, he wouldn't take it out on this elderly man again? Can you imagine what would happen? It would be a great idea though, if he wouldn't hurt the man again.

I agree that maybe jail may not be the best place for him, but what he really needs, no one will get him: anger managment therapy. That cost a great deal of money. I am sure the state won't. He probably hasn't got it either. I doubt he got this way overnight, so somewhere along the line, his family or friends MUST have noticed that there was a problem.

Look, if I had my way, we would take all the kids who need help and get it for them. I really would. I think we throw away too many of them. We just stick them in jail and that is that.. That is the honest truth. Maybe if he goes to go to jail for awhile he might understand that his actions result in consequences. And today, it probably won't be for long.

The Feds have mandated that because of overcrowding, judges be lienent with their sentences. Then I wish there were a way to get him help with anger management. I really do. I wish I had the money to pay for it myself, I would.

I do understand what you are saying, and like I said, I do agree with you, that perhaps jail isn't where he should be. Right now, I hope you and I are going to get our wish as for a short sentence: probably 60 to 90 days if that is he shows remorse for what he did. Maybe he will since he turned himself in. I just hate seeing anyone hurt an older person.

he said she said


I wonder if he treats his mother and father this way? I hate seeing anyone get hurt young or old. And anger management will only help if the person truly sees that they have a problem and most of the time, it's the 'I don't have an anger problem'.


Road Rage. I'll bet ya when they get these two side by side and they tell their stories over and over again to the police, they charge them both. Unfortunately the elderly man got the worst of it. People be careful of crazies in cars. Luckily neither one carried a permit gun. I'm assumming. If they do have a conceled permit I hope they take it away.


In regards to your second post in this thread... HK makes no revolvers period, only semi-automatic handguns. The only firearm they designate as a HK 32 is a varaition of an M-4 fully automatic RIFLE. I have never seen an HK32 outside of a very few yputube vids, it would not be legal for you to walk around with such a firearm.

Care to try again?

The Answer Person

Another example of why we need ANNUAL SENIOR DRIVER TESTING NOW!

Doubt Grampa 73 is without sin in the case!

Mel's Comments

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Just another name on the court docket that you can trace their roots. The fruit never falls far from the tree.


Drugs have turned our kids brains into mush. How could someone commit such an act. Probably the best thing that ever will happen to the kid is jail. He can dry out and get himself clean.


Didn't the original report say this guy was of a "muscular" build?

Mel's Comments

ha ha ha ha ha ha


This young man's deed against society will not go undetected in the general population in a nearby prison...This act was an aggravated assault in my book and should carry a rather harsh sentence to show that you cannot just go and bully on folks when you please.


no one will pay a bit of attention to what he has done in GP. All that bubba's gonna get you for _____ (list crime here)(including child molesters/killers. other sexual deviants, and such) is TV hype and is what those of us who have to walk in there for 8 hours at a time call urban myths.

Kottage Kat

This kid would be chicken feces if approached by one of the " big guys" who have posted
Know this family
Chicken poop from a chicken coop

Simple Enough II

Meh, he won't get much. He will come in with the excuse he has some mental disorder along with, had a horrible childhood where (pick 1 or more )he had possibly a bad experiance in a turkish bath house, watched Oprah as a child, ate lead paint chips off the wall, stuck his tongue in a light bulb socket one to many times, watched "little house on the prairie" reruns, had an older sister whoop his butt on a regular basis, didn't get a red ryder BB gun for one christmas, idolized Pigpen from the Charlie Brown gang, had a younger sister whoop his butt on a regular basis or didn't feel his parent s gave him enough attention.

Mel's Comments

This post is hilarious. I am sure that he'll try every excuse in the world.


Wish the S.R. would have left posts up. Watch Motor Mania/Goofy. While it is dated & a cartoon (Disney), it has merit. My point is this - many people drive dangerous & endanger others. Violence against seniors is wrong yet seniors have been known to provoke & aggravate. Respect goes both ways - it that E-z.