Sandusky man arrested for slashing alleged cop-heckler

A Sandusky man who recently threatened police was stabbed in the head Friday morning on Huntington Avenue.
Emil Whitis
Feb 18, 2013


Vincent Randleman, 46, was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released later Friday.

Donnovan Johnson, 54, of Sandusky, was later arrested and charged with felonious assault. Police got the call at about 1 a.m.

“Yes I need police at Huntington Avenue,” Randleman is heard telling 911 dispatchers in the recorded call. “I’ve been cut real bad ... by Donnovan Johnson ... he cut me real bad.”

Johnson called in moments later.

“Yeah, Vince Randleman come in my house and tried to steal my money and I had to grab my knife and try to cut him,” Johnson is heard saying before hanging up.

Police went to the 1100 block of Huntington Ave., where they heard Randleman yelling for help. Officers found him lying on the side of the street covered in blood.

“Lt. (Rich) Braun said he observed a stab wound on the back of the male’s head,” a Sandusky police report said. “Lt. Braun took the hood of Vincent’s sweatshirt and applied direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.”

While paramedics took Randleman to the hospital, police turned their attention to the nearby house. They rushed in with pistols drawn and handcuffed three people, including Johnson.

Before they even handcuffed him, however, Johnson claimed responsibility.

“While I was securing Donnovan in hand restraints he advised he was the one who cut Vincent,” the report said. “He was then asked what knife he used to cut Vincent with him pointing to the knife in the sink.”

It was a steak knife with a 5-inch blade.

Johnson told police it all started over money. Randleman had stopped by earlier that night, and some money came up missing, the report said.  

Johnson called Randleman, who returned to the home drunk and high, the report said. Johnson and Randleman then started fighting.

“(Johnson) said they ended up in the kitchen and Vincent started to get the best of him,” the report said. “He said at this point he grabbed a knife off the counter and slashed the back of Vincent’s head.”

Doctors used four staples to close three large slashes on the back of Randleman’s head.

Randleman’s story was different than Johnson’s.

“He said they were getting high together and Johnson told him to go get more money so they could keep getting high,” Sandusky police Lt. Rich Braun said. “Randleman said couldn’t find any more money and that’s when the fight broke out.”

Police arrested Randleman Jan. 28 on Remmington Avenue after he allegedly pulled a knife on a man. During the arrest, Randleman repeatedly urged onlookers to “put them all in the dirt” — referring to police, according to a report.  
Randleman was charged with felony assault and aggravated menacing in that case, but he was later released on personal recognizance.    

Johnson remains in the Erie County jail on $20,000 bond.




Sandusky's finest.


Randleman wants to "put them all in the dirt" (referring to the police), but who does he call when someone stabs him?

If I was an officer, I would have taken my good sweet time getting to that call. Randleman needs to see what his life would be like without police there to help him out of the messes he gets into.


Well good thing your not an officer. No matter what people say to police officers they still have a job to do.. If a police officer found out it was the same guy that said "put them all in the dirt" and took his "sweet time" to get over there, then your just stooping to his level. I for one am happy the police got over there to help.. It shows who is the bigger person and maybe this will open Vincent's eyes and realize that they arent that bad or maybe there will still be hate in his blood who knows.. But hats off to the officers that did their job to help someone in need.


I wonder if he has insurance to pay the hospital and the ambulance?


He sure does Perkins's called Medicaid, compliments of the working class folks!


Mr. Randleman appears to be a fan of the Miami Hurricanes. Is this correct?

God Of Thunder

Hey Vince...Did he cut you real bad??? I didn't quite get that. Could you repeat that ???? Police aren't so bad now are they since they had to come and save your but

Left Sandtown

He said,She said,I just don`t know.Just remember Solent Green Day.God Bless us all.


Solent Green , ummmm, yummy, wait, hey thats people! That day is sure to come, overpopulation,destroyed resources =A solent green future. so Happy Solent Green Day or blessed Lent.


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Oh No he just didn't call the police BAWAHHHHHHHAAAAA!


That looks like ESPN's Stewart Scott on the left picture..


ahhh THATS who he reminded me of...haha

Sit n Spin

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Rock Monsters!!


Well, well, Mr Randleman. Mr. Johnson sticks you and who do you call? The very men you wanted "in the dirt". And they had to come and take care of you.

I hope you had the good graces to THANK THEM, but I doubt it. You're darn lucky they picked you up at all. Why not call a relative or friend, instead of the police you hate so much? ....wait, they might not come and get you but the police HAVE to, don't they?

You are just plain lucky!


Crack Kills! We haven't seen the last of him! He is on the edge of something!


Is this guy related to the cop killing piece of trash Kevin?