Be on the lookout: Monroeville police seek suspect in bank robbery

Monroeville police are looking for Robert Lee Jackson Jr., 52, of Monroeville in connection with Saturday morning's robbery at a Firelands Federal Credit Union office. Anyone who sees Jackson or has information concerning his whereabouts is asked to call Monroeville police at 419-465-2345. Monroeville police chief Gary Lyons said residents are cautioned not to approach Jackson.
Feb 17, 2013


Jackson, who is known to frequent Sandusky, is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 235 pounds, Lyons said. The Norwalk law department on Sunday authorized a charge of robbery against Jackson, he said.

Jackson may be driving a green Ford Ranger,  license plate FNM6843, Lyons said. He was seen in the area of of the credit union office in an older model brown colored vehicle, possibly a four-door Alero.

Jackson was released from prison Feb. 2, 2012. He had been an inmate since his convictions in 1997 on forgery, felonious assault and kidnapping charges out of Erie County as well as aggravated robbery and robbery charges out of Huron County. 

Lyons said anyone with information on Jackson's whereabouts  or sees him should contact Monroeville police at 419-465-2345.

Do not approach Jackson, Lyons said. He's considered dangerous. 



looks like a very upstanding citizen to me..


Haha Monroeville police actually have something to do now, besides moniter the speed trap.


Dammit I drive a green ford ranger so now I'll be followed around by the cops (which has happened to me before when I owned another vehicle that must have been similar to one they were looking for also). Hate that.

Darwin's choice

Good thing you're not in southern Ca., you'd get shot at.............

Left Sandtown

Idiot,he should know not to rob a Monroeville bank in Feb.The best time is late Nov-early Dec.just after the Farmers get their Yeild cash.He should go back to Jail just for that.God Bless us all.


Maybe he did not like the state prisons and decided the fed prison is better.


Sounds like he just robbed a gas station in Norwalk.

Gyro Cart Guy

He should've robbed Sears Optical.