Road rage suspect body-slams 73-year-old in Perkins Twp.

Police are hunting a road raging suspect who body slammed a 73-year-old man Tuesday on W. Strub Road.
Emil Whitis
Feb 14, 2013

The victim told police a white “Preval” or “Avol Group” box van was tailgating his vehicle as he pulled into his driveway at about 1:30 p.m. in the 1300 block of W. Strub Road.

As the victim got out of his vehicle, the box van drove into his neighbor’s yard and parked.

A “muscular,” white man in his 30s with short, dark hair jumped out screaming.

“The driver approached (the victim) grabbing him by the jacket in the chest area,” a Perkins police report said. “At this time the … van driver then picked (the victim) up and body slammed him onto the asphalt driveway.”

The victim landed on his head. Passing motorists spotted the incident and stopped to intervene.

The suspect then jumped back in the van and took off east on U.S. 6. Witnesses gave chase, but the suspect eventually got away.

When police arrived the victim bled freely from a cut to the back of the head and was rushed to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

There staff treated the victim’s cut. They also told him he had a broken hand and bruised ribs.

Anyone with information can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.



I would think that with just a little bit of police work, that they should be able to find the perp. Just cross reference the last four numbers of lic. plate to find how many white cargo vans have those same numbers, can't be that many. Oh wait they don't have time for that, as they need to investigate voodoo curses, make sure packages are delivered to the correct addres and give rides to their fellow drunk officers.

Simple Enough II

Maybe the Older Gennt called the Perp a Young Whipper Snapper and the perp was deeply offended? I donb't know about the comments of "We should hang him" or other bodily harm, but I wonder if we should bring back the stocks and pillary.


Any idea why people get CCW permits ??? It's for nut jobs like this.

he said she said

This is outrageous!! When did it become acceptable for anyone to attack one of our elders?? If I read the article in the paper version correctly, witnesses followed the vehicle. What happened to the men that would have stepped in and subdued the attacker at the scene?

I hope this elderly man is going to be okay. When this person gets caught I hope he finds himself up against someone that will be at an age that can fight back and lay him on his back!


Maybe the guy in the box truck was trying to make a delivery to Montgomery Ward in the mall and simply became frustrated.

Had he been able to make his delivery and then have a delicious slice of Scotto's Pizza or a bowl of soup at Woolworth's cafeteria this could have all been avoided.