Police sort out dustup after close Margaretta-Bellevue game

Castalia police are uncertain if charges should be filed in an altercation Friday night following the Margaretta-Bellevue matchup.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 12, 2013


“There was a little bit of physical contact, but nobody was injured,” Castalia police Chief Ken Majoy said. “It was a lot of inappropriate conduct.”

A group of people squared off inside Margaretta High School’s gym at about 9 p.m., after the basketball game ended. Majoy wouldn’t say how many people were involved, nor would he say if the culprits were students or adults.

“It was a close game,” Majoy said. “Afterward it got a little heated.”  

The police report on the incident is one sentence and contains no names, and it only notes the incident is under investigation, Majoy said. He plans to give his findings to the prosecutor’s office to decide on charges.   

Majoy agreed the incident report is a public record, but he said he’d prefer to hang onto it until the investigation is complete. He said he might fax a copy of the report to the Register, but he couldn’t guarantee anything. As of late Monday he had not faxed a copy of the report.  




Should call it BasketBRAWL ...it must be a new trend... happening quite a bit lately.


"All suspects departed the scene on tractors"


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really? he's a bully for cracking a joke?
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It sure has!

Sit n Spin

I'll put $ on it that the last name of those involved ended with a vowel :D


It amazes me that the Register requests these records before the investigation is over. Nothing like plastering the info in the paper and online to taint an investigation and make the law enforcement officers job even worse.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment MrSandusky. Police are generally required to file an incident report when officers are dispatched, and that incident report is a public record. The Register asked for a copy of the incident report, which under Ohio public records law is required to be released upon request. While chief Majoy would prefer to withhold the incident report, he is required by law to release it. So that would be part of his job. Law enforcement officers investigating an incident to make recommendations whether a crime occurred should not violate the law in the process of doing that, it would seem to me. That's just common sense. Many people have challenging jobs but they are not allowed to ignore the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code in order to accomplish their tasks. 


Matt- That's just it, you cannot use 'Chief' Majoy and common sense in the same sentence.


it doesnt appear like mr majoy is going to cooperate with your request? now what?


The worst officiating I have ever witnessed. I can't believe either team allowed it to happen. The refs in that game should all never be allowed to ref a game again. Both teams were very competitive and showed great sportsmenship.Those refs created a hostile invironment. Very bad examples for our kids to experience. Even my 9 year old asked after the game why the ref's acted that way. Wow! Glad I was at that game. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself. That game should be replayed.


The same crew officiated a non-league game involving a Northern Ohio League school Tuesday night.

Sit n Spin

I was there also & rotten officiating is not an excuse for coaches to act like complete morons. I would be more worried about your 9 year old witnessing the unacceptable actions of coaches who he might look up to as role models. Win or lose, do it with class & dignity no matter what circumstances decide the outcome. Way to keep it classy Bellevue coaching staff !


i saw on a blog about bellevues continued issues on the basketball court! this all resolves around the head coach not keeping his program inline! there was an incident in the huron game, now this! and you think the sbc would ever invite this school into there league? are you seriously crazy?


The outcome of that game was totally unimportamt locally and worldwide. And basketball scores are meaningless. Basketball scores are usually close. which indicates that there is very little skill involved.


I was with you until your last sentence(s). However, since your misspelled word was only one letter off and using a comma instead of a period or capitalizing the word "which" is close to correct, I will just assume that you have very little writing skills.


ritin skilz n tipin arroes is too veiry difeernt thans...

;] ;]

Dont Worry Be Happy

Lol, good come back staryeys. I hate when people take the time to tell another blogger of their writing mistakes. . People like them are the reason....... for so
for so much hate and bad attitudes in this world, they ,don't know how to let go
of the smaller things in life.


It was a response to the ignorant statement that a close score represents a lack of skill, not so much spelling or punctuation errors.


I find it humorous that the SR has to go to the limits to get information out of area police agencies. Always threatening Public Records Law. Maybe if the current management and editor hadn't destroyed the relationship with local law and government by printing only what they wanted to slant, or slam (Ard latest example), things would be different. I know I have to pay for a public record copy. I hope the SR has to keep dipping into the till for them also. And not meaning to get off the subject, but if a SR employee works over a 40 hour week, don't they get time and 1/2? Just wondering.


Since today's world is sue-happy, I am sure the police departments just want to make anyone wishing to know anything, obtain a copy through the proper channels.


For punishment, all involved should have to sit on that sweet old ladies lap from the State Of The Union, and say their sorry. And the ones that threw punches.......you get a kiss goodbye for the rest of the school year.


From what I understand from my granddaughter who is a cheerleader, it started when a Bellevue basketball player went after a referee. One of the Margaretta coaches tried to stop him by grabbing his arm. He told this kid NO., don't do that. A parent came out of the bleachers and stiff-armed this teacher/coach in the face. The man from Bellevue was arrested immediately by the Castalia police. They took him away in cuffs. I don't know that anyone else was arrested at all. She said the referees were awful that night.

Anyone only one person apparently was arrested that she saw. So I don't know if they took anyone else away or not. They hustled the kids away quickly to prevent anyone from getting hurt.


Refs can definitely effect the outcome of any sport. If they suck, darn if parents/fans don't get bent.


I've witnessed refs escorted out by the cops to get in their cars for fear of whatever. High School sports. Gotta love it. But honestly, I reckon the kids are there to have fun. It's the adults who take it to the extreme, IMHO.


Wiredmama...You're close...From my POV a Bellevue player tried to call time out at the last second of the game. The ref pushed him to the floor, a second Bellevue player stepped between the two and a second ref pushed him from behind. That players father ran from the stands and stiff armed the ref in the face and was immediately stopped by other parents and the police. The Margaretta coach wasn't anywhere near them from what I could see. Got a little outta hand there at the end. Charges pending all around.

You could tell from the stands that the one ref definately had a major attitude. Someone should of stepped in and put a stop to his aggression. He was making very obvious bad calls or made no call at all. He called two techincals on Bellevue and The other two refs just went along with it. Wonder what the real deal was.


if he touched the athlete, hes in some troubled water! thats crossing the line. bad luck seems to follow bellevue's basketball program. away from the game conduct last season. a incident in the huron game this season with a flagurant foul. now this.


i did'nt even know Castalia had a police dept....