Sandusky County drug dog sniffs out stolen meat

Packages of meat knocked a Sandusky County police dog off his A-game during a traffic stop early Monday on West State Street.
Emil Whitis
Feb 7, 2013


Turns out, the meat was stolen so the drug hound came out on top anyway.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers stopped the car at about midnight in the 1700 block of W. State St. after it ran a red light. When troopers walked up they smelled burnt marijuana and called in Sandusky County Sheriff’s police dog “Brutus,” a Sandusky County deputy’s report said.  

On arrival Brutus circled the car and indicated there were drugs near the rear passenger door handle. Deputies pulled the dog away, but he went right back to the same spot.

Troopers asked two passengers to exit the vehicle.

“Upon the search of the vehicle, we located numerous packages of various meats from Kroger,” the deputy’s report said. “With further investigation, it was discovered that the occupants of the vehicle had stolen the meats from Kroger.”

Troopers took the three occupants, including the driver, Charles Starks, to the Fremont Police Department, where they were charged with theft.



Sooooo, where was the pot they "smelled?". Is that all cops do anymore, lie? Probable cause should require more than that. IMHO


I don't could always try reading the whole article. It does say they SMELLED BURNT MARIJUANA. There's your PC. Maybe they found drugs, maybe they didn't (it may have been all smoked up!). Where does it say in this article that the cops lied? Have you read the actual police report? Do you have more details than the rest of us don't have? Or is it just fun to do police bashing? I don't get it. Everybody wants to bash police but not the people that keep BREAKING THE LAW!


Probable cause for stopping him was running the red light. Then they smelled marijuana. Probable cause for search. But now, druggies will be riding around with packages of meat to confuse the drug-sniffing dogs. Lesson: make sure your meat is paid for.


lol reporter54... that's true. Why, is there a defensive on this matter? The L.E. smells an odor of guilt, search, and find something illegal. Job done! Story over. If someone might steal, could they not use?, or sell drugs? Lets leave the L.E. to their job, and you go finish your episode of C.S.I.....wannabe's!


I hope those that argue this realize, that every skittle that's stolen, only increases the price of the produce for the rest of us, hard working, taxpaying, law abiding citizens.