Deputies investigate baby death in Ottawa County

Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the death of a 3-month-old baby.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 5, 2013


According to a statement from the sheriff's department, deputies received a 911 call at 11:19 a.m. Tuesday requesting assistance for a baby that wasn't breathing in the 1200 block of Fremont Road.

Dispatchers gave the caller CPR instructions and resuscitation was attempted until an ambulance arrived.

North Central EMS and Bay Township EMS responded and took the baby to Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton where the infant was pronounced dead.

Detectives were called to the hospital to investigate. The baby has been sent to Lucas County for an autopsy.

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register and check back to Wednesday for more information as it becomes available.



Well how many more this year?

Just sad.


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Just so you know and don't assume anymore. She is white and within the age range, has a job, and would never hurt her children. I went to school with her forever. I don't know why people (and you) would assume the worst in cases like this. What if this is happening to you and people assume everything you just stated. You would feel horrible that people are judging you before they know you. So before you speak again get ALL the information without jumping to conclusion. People like you are the reasons why lies and rumors start. So why don't you just keep you're mouth shut.


I have to agree with you. I do not know the young lady, but this could very well be a SIDS case. There are still good parents out there who can and do sometimes lose their child to such a terrible thing. They are not all child abusers. People like trustafarian Should not point fingers, especially if they do not know specifics.

@ trustafarian... Be respectful, this mother just lost her baby, and unless she is dubbed anything else later, this is what she is, a grieving mother!

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


There is no place for you posting such despicable things! Unless she is proven guilty, I think you need to be respectful. How would you feel if you were the mother of a 3 month old who just passed away, and you were being thrown a horrible accusation? Do not judge until you have walked in someone else's shoes.

If she is proven guilty of anything, then you can say whatever you want. But until and if this is proven a nasty child abuse case, she is none other than a grieving mother, who does not deserve your judgement!


Wow. Has it come to betting and gambling on how and why the baby died instead of caring about the life that was lost? Is life a game show and one spins to win?


How do you know it wasn't a case of SIDS? One shouldn't jump to conclusions.


If detectives were called to the hospital to investigate, there must have been cause.


In the port clinton news herald it clearly states "Ottawa County Coroner Daniel Cadigan said any sudden death of an infant under 2 years old must be investigated, under state law.

“That’s just standard procedure, to investigate a death at that age,” he said. “It was a 3-month-old, found deceased in the home.”


Thanks for clearing that up.


I will hold my judgement until all the evidence is in. It did not say they were investigating a murder...they said the death of a baby.


Prayers out to the family. SR SAYS DEATH in the head line so they can sell pappers, They have NO idea how. So sad.

eddie albert

whats the difference between this, and the right to choose?
come on Libs,,,,,,,,,,tell all

I personally think its a travesty,,,,,,,,,,,,and we'll never know the truth.
My prayers to all involved.


As a parent who has lost a child (miscarriage) it IS one of the worst times in your life. I pray for the family and the lost soul. I would also DEMAND a follow up story stating the TRUTH after the investigation is done. I realize there is protocol for these kinds of things, but the media needs to learn NOT to capitalize on it. Wait till the facts are known. Noone reports on a miscarriage or stillborn, that is considered inconsiderate. Not many reports on OLD people that die at home. It is also a sad state of America when a child dies and the first thing everything thinks is the worst. There ARE too many babies, children dying at the hands of humans ( I will not call those humans parents, a parent does not have the heart/soul/mind to KILL a child). May this precious child rest in the arms of the angels.

eddie albert

well said, and my condolecnes, Lady


In fairness, the article doesn't say anything about "suspicious" or "charges pending" or "arrests." It just says a baby died, and an investigation is underway (as it should be). Those who are jumping to conclusions are some of those posting here, NOT the paper, nor is it the report's fault that they're being cavalier about the death of an infant.

Whatever the cause of death, it's a tragedy. Perhaps we'd all do better to focus on that than on conjectures based, quite literally, on NOTHING? I'm just asking...

Kottage Kat

I have lost 5, my heart breaks for this mother.
My thoughts and prayers to her and her family
May you.know God's comfort


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Thank you!


Years ago many children died before the age of two. Many times the cause was unknown. I am not going to speculate on why this child died. Just know that my prayers are with those that loved this baby.


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So it turns out, I know this young lady. And for the ones who are saying she killed the baby. You're dead wrong! And trustafarian, you my sir are entirely wrong. Yes she between the age range and white. But she is married and is employed. Don't throw stones. May the baby rest in peace and mommy and daddy possibly understand one day why god needed thus baby more than that did.


The fact this was filed under crime, before ANY crime was reported speaks volumes of the Register. The fact, babies die. People die. HUMANS are quick to blame and pass judgement. In my book, only God passes judgement. Shame on those that thought the worse of these poor parents. And even if someone was at fault, there are family members that don't need to see your negativity: Coroner: Ottawa County infant died of natural causes