Norwalk man gets 5 years for wreck that injured teen, Milan lawyer

A Norwalk man was sentenced to almost five years in prison after pleading guilty to criminal charges stemming from a crash that injured a 16-year-old boy and a retired Milan attorney.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 5, 2013


Bryan Lindenberger, 25, will have to serve at least 18 months of his 4-year, 11-month sentence in prison, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said. Then he could be released on good behavior to Crosswaeh Community Based Correctional Facility in Tiffin.

Troopers said Lindenberger had a blood-alcohol content of 0.331 percent, more than four times the legal limit, when he caused the wreck.

Lindenberger was driving a Buick Century south on Kelley Road on July 13 when he lost control, swerved off the right side of the road, overcorrected, and drove straight into the path of a northbound Jeep Cherokee.

The driver of the second car, Zachary Frederick, 16, and his passenger, Larry Schell, 80, a well-known retired attorney from Milan, were injured. Schell had to be taken by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital for treatment. Schell is out of the hospital and continues to recover. (Previous stories are HERE and HERE.)

Lindenberger also was hospitalized. He was later charged with aggravated vehicular assault and driving under the influence.

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If he was a Hermes he would only get 10 days.


Michael Hermes, 48, appeared for sentencing in Erie County Common Pleas Court pleaded guilty to a single charge of operating a vehicle under the influence and 15 counts of assault for causing injury to dozens of victims in the crash.
An Oxford Township man will serve 10 days in jail for drinking while driving a hayride that tipped over in October 2011.


I'm glad everyone has turned out alright after this fateful day. Good luck Bryan, this is the best place for you in order to get over your addiction. It could have ended a lot worse. This isn't the end my friend.


Hope they keep an eye on him in jail because there are people out there that know the facts about what he was trying that day


He should have gotten more that 5 years


What exactly was he "trying that day?"


Yeah apparently 5 years isnt enough whopper. The kid messed up pretty bad while drunk i get that, but there are countless people who have drug addictions who have robbed and assaulted people numerous times yet they get slapped in the wrist. It's all about who was involved and who you know.


A Jim Morrison wannabe steppin' up and talkin' cliche speak about "slaps on the wrist". Gotta love it. :)


I tried to help bryan at one time that is all... and yes i'm a closet doors fan thanks for calling out my username