Drunken driver triggers Wakeman police pursuit

A drunken Wakeman man gave police a run for their money late Wednesday night after a traffic stop at a trailer park near U.S. 20.
Emil Whitis
Jan 26, 2013


Leon Hunt, 35, was charged with driving under suspension, operating vehicle intoxicated and two counts of assault on a peace officer.

Wakeman police were running radar at about 10 p.m. on Main Street when a black SUV pulled up next to their cruiser. The driver said a green car almost rear-ended her SUV twice before parking at a nearby gas station, a police report said.  

Officers headed to the gas station, watching as Hunt stumbled out of the gas station and into his car. A few minutes later his vehicle almost backed into a guard rail, the report said.

Officers followed the car for a while, then flipped on the lights near the west side of town. The car didn’t stop, instead turning into a trailer park. When officers approached the vehicle, Hunt was slumped over in the driver’s seat. They asked him for his driver’s license, but he said he didn’t have one, the report said.  

“At this time I asked the driver ‘Sir, how much have you had to drink tonight because I can smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from your vehicle,’” an officers’ report said. “The driver then advised ‘I haven’t drank anything.’”

“I stated ‘I don’t believe your statements,’” the report said.

Police ran Hunt through a round of sobriety tests, but he soon lost interest.

“I asked the driver, ‘Are you ready to do the walk and turn?,’” the report said. “The driver then looked at me and stated ‘(expletive) you, I’m going home.’”

When Hunt bolted for the woods, officers tackled him. On the ground, Hunt grabbed for officers’ legs, prompting them to knee him in the ribs three times before handcuffing him, the report said. When they stood him up, Hunt said, “I could beat your (expletive)ing (expletive),” the report said.

When the struggle began anew, officers used a “leg sweep” to take Hunt down again before spraying pepper spray into his face, the report said.  

A Huron County deputy arrived and held Hunt at Taser-point while officers patted him down and stuffed him in the back of a cruiser. At Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Hunt continued the struggle, punctuating it all by urinating on the floor, the report said.  

Late Thursday he remained in the Huron County jail on $20,000 bond.



I'll have what he's having (except for the part with the cops and the hospital).

Left Sandtown

Sounds like he was a Turkey,Pepper Spray and stuffed!Gobble,Gobble!


Why did they not stop him prior to him driving off?

They seen him stumble out of the gas station and almost hit a guard rail, but they still let him drive off. Could have killed somebody.

Why didn't they just stop him and drive him home like that girl from Taco Bell?


Thank God this was Wakeman and not Cleveland! You'd be riddled with bullet holes for this in Cleveland!