More charges for woman suspected in car wash shooting

It’s more felonies for a Norwalk woman accused in the Jan. 16 robbery and shooting of her stepfather at a West Perkins Avenue car wash.
Emil Whitis
Jan 25, 2013


Katie Wilson, 25, was charged Wednesday with additional counts of felony burglary and theft.

Earlier Wednesday, police got a call from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation about blood left at a December crime scene.

“They just called me today and said they had a match,” Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon said.

The charges related to a Dec. 17 burglary in the 600 block of Olds St.

Rosemary Federkiel, 62, of Sandusky, walked into her home at about 2:30 p.m. and found a big-screen TV missing from the wall. Her husband, Daniel Federkiel, 56, told police a PlayStation 3 had also been stolen.

Officers didn’t find any signs of a break-in, but they did find blood smears on the wall where the TV previously hung. Detectives took blood swabs and sent them to BCI for testing.

Police arrested Wilson on Jan. 16 at an Arthur Street house on theft and burglary charges, just hours after her stepfather, Bartt Carruthers, 49, was shot at a self-serve car wash during an alleged drug deal.  Wilson later told police she helped set up the drug deal.

After taking a bullet to the chest, Carruthers jumped into his car and drove less than a mile to Firelands Counseling and Recovery Center on Hayes Avenue, where a receptionist called 911.

When police showed up, Carruthers told them Wilson and her boyfriend were involved. He was later flown by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. He was released a few days later.

In the meantime, police grilled Wilson, who allegedly admitted she was at the car wash during the shooting. Wilson also told investigators it all started as a Xanax deal that she set up.

Still, she refused to give up the shooter’s name. During initial interviews, police said Wilson seemed to be going through some sort of drug withdrawals. But after almost a week of rest, detectives are ready to take another shot at her.

“She’s got a lot of charges hanging over her head,” Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said Wednesday. “I’m going to pull her out (today) and hopefully she’ll come to her senses and tell the truth.”

So far, Wilson has been charged with complicity to robbery, two counts of theft and two counts of burglary. She’s also a warrant in Huron County.

Wichman said police have a good idea of the shooter’s identity. But so far, no one is willing to point the finger at him.

“With him still on the street, witnesses are being very reluctant to say the least,” Wichman said. “It’s frustrating, but I can understand where they’re coming from.”

He said the suspect isn’t “a rookie,” and he expects him to clam up immediately on arrest.

“He’s been to prison before. He knows the drill,” Wichman said. “You’ve got to have all your ducks in a row before you charge a guy like that.”

Wilson remains in the Erie County Jail on $76,350 bond. Anyone with any information on the shooting can call Sandusky police at 419-627-5858.


Simple Enough II

Ahh, the family must be proud!


The 'family' was in on the drug deal.


If the police know who the guy might be, why not just grab him up and hold him for 72 hours and grill him as well? Oh, wait, they can't. He's not going to tell them anything, anyway. She isn't going to tell either. So she is going down for the whole thing.

But won't Bartt know him? I would think he would know who shot him. Why not ask him who the shooter is? I would think he would know who he was buying from and who this guy is? Why not just ask him about the shooter. Seems to me this Bartt guy would know! Why not just ask him?


Agreed! He is out of the hospital so ask him. Seems just that simple to me!


Glad you are giving the cops advice. I don't know what they'd do without you guys. Don't you think they already asked him? The article stated that witnesses are reluctant to identify him. And the cops want an airtight case against him before they arrest him so that he won't get out of it down the road. Duh.


If no one will identify the shooter, there is no case. Duh!!!!!


@ reporter...That may be true, or it just may be that this guy has a HUGE head start on him and isn't in town any more. I will bet you even money this guy took off the same day. Detroit or some Southern state is my bet. Since they know he is a "pro" and already been to prison, I can pretty much bet they know WHO he is, just not WHERE he is.


Or could be that she set it up and Bartt doesn't know. She couldve been the go between.


Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knows. Do you really think this was his first time buying drugs?


Deer, I was just trying to offer a maybe explanation. And no it wasn't his first time buying drugs.


Or they are afraid that by telling, they will open the door to retaliation. Snitches get stitches




good point also

Lisa Wobser

There's a reason why she isn't a whistle-blower: She's SCAREDY-CAT! and most likely the "shooter" will come after her as well. Don't get me wrong, SHE SHOULD COME FORTH!...Nevertheless, we live in a society that if your a rat you'll get whats coming to you, Sadly, this is true, but this girl will not be the last to go through something like this; However, if you are reading this Ms Wilson or any of her friends or family members just know that she might not rat out the 'shooter' because she's afraid of her outcome, but get her to tell the truth, because the KARMA will get at her 10 fold!. I strongly state that it's all our town/police need is one of the brave ones to stand up!...Regardless, it's those kind of people out there every minute, day and week killing, threatening, bullying, and cursing anyone unloyal to them under the guise of some "anointing" as a so-called drug deals gone bad. Why do you Ms Wilson or anyone else want to ever cower to that?....It's not going to stop in a minute, day or weeks but at least this will be a step in the right direction AND let the officials handle this situation....Just sayin'


Easy for you to say since you are not the one in any potential danger!


she put herself in this danger...her kids and many others.
give her what she has comming!!
i know her well and she will always be a hardazz.
nothing will humble her.
again give her what she has comming...all of it!!

princess shannie's picture
princess shannie

u are somekind of crazy for talking the way you are on here what do you have the need to feel important that you talk smack she is my family and take my advice back the heck off or you will wish you did..


o please!

princess shannie's picture
princess shannie

she is not scared at all she will make sure this person pays one way or another! karma

Simple Enough II

I suggest in the future, that the vicitm receive the minimum attention/care etc. if they won't cooperate.


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princess shannie's picture
princess shannie

im am her cousin how dare you say that i wish what u said would happen to u

Simple Enough II

Look, she's gives the appearance of a skank so what defense is there for her?


24- agree!


I see no winners in the end game, no matter how it turns out. Except for the fact that a few more pieces of trash will be off the street. If even, just one.

princess shannie's picture
princess shannie

ok now i have been reading all of the comments on katie and dont appreciate whats being said about her she is a good girl just going down the wrong road in life right now i am her cousin i know who she is love you katie you will be out soon keep strong.


you dont appreciate whats being said about her?
well excuse you!
did you ever think she did this all herself?
she is old enough to know better...and...
did you ever think about the people she robbed or put in danger?
maybe your sorry azz should appriciate them and the fact that this just may have saved her life.
3 things happen to people with her sickness...
they get better...they go to jail...or...they die!

Simple Enough II

Let me guess she is a good girl who started runnin with the Urban League and needs a little guidence.


I don't think you understand the severity of all this. Unless she names who shot him....she is getting stuck with the entire mess. That means she isn't getting out anytime within the near future. She will go down for attempted murder on her stepfather...which means jail. So I would not count on seeing her OUT within the immediate future. This is very serious. Her silence is locking the doors as we are writing these back and forth.

No matter how much you like your cousin, someone better tell her to wise up or she is going to go down for the entire thing. Those are the facts. Have you not been reading what has been happening? Or didn't that occur to you? She set him up. He got shot, almost killed and the shooter left. She is all that is left to prosecute. Good luck, she takes the rap.

Kottage Kat

Gee, could have never guessed you Kate were related.
What a silly I am