Perkins police: Man put gun to step-daughter's head

Police arrested a Sandusky man Tuesday night after he allegedly put his step-daughter in a headlock and pointed a gun at her head.
Emil Whitis
Jan 24, 2013


Eddie Pentorn, 55, was charged with felonious assault and two counts of domestic violence.

Police never found the pistol.

"They looked for one last night and they looked again today, and to this point they haven't found anything," Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

The 15-year-old stepdaughter called 911 at about 9:30 p.m.

"My stepfather just put a gun to my head and to my mother's head and he's starting to leave so can you guys hurry?" the girl is heard saying in the recorded 911 call. "Can someone please hurry? I think he's hitting my mom."

The girl told police her mother was still in the bedroom with Pentorn and she could hear screaming, but she was too scared to look in.

When officers showed up in the 600 block of Brandon Blvd., Pentorn had already left in a green Ford Explorer. The mother told police she and Pentorn were arguing about their "deteriorating relationship," according to a police report.  

Pentorn allegedly grabbed his gun from behind a headboard and slammed the mother's face into a wall, the report said. He then snatched the mother by the neck and threw her onto the bed, prompting the girl to burst into the bedroom and push Pentorn.  

"At this time, Mr. Pentorn placed (the girl) in a choke hold and put the gun to her head while saying '(expletive), don't you put your (expletive)ing hands on me," the report said.  

When the girl called 911, Pentorn fled. Sandusky police soon intercepted his green Ford Explorer at Polk and Stone streets, where they ordered him out at gunpoint.

"They're going to say I pulled a gun on her, but that's not true," Pentorn yelled, according to a Sandusky police report.

Pentorn told police he doesn't own a gun, although he admitted he pushed the girl and the mother. He remains in the Erie County jail on $26,000 bond.



Shoulda made the sandwiches then!


it's time to end this relationship; any relationship that contains violence or threats is not a good one.


Smh.. eddie. Wtf.


People seem to be awefully flip about domestic violence here. Gun, no gun, there was violence to 2 females. This is totally unacceptable. I don't care if one of the women slapped him pinched him, whatever, a man puts his hand on a woman is a weakling. A sissy. Be man enough to just walk or run away. It's scary thing.


Not anymore. As of today women are now allowed in infantry combat units. We are all equal now.

Floyd P

That was an idiotic analogy.

Simple Enough II

No it is not, I like it!

Simple Enough II

Ha Ha that is funny, not the situtation, but the comment!


When you can stand upright and not move your feet while writing your name in the snow while taking a whiz then we are equal. :D


He had a gun..she didn't. How is THAT equal?
Hopefully, she will get one sooooon, though.

Ellis dee

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24 productions - Your statement in itself is a cause for concern. Your attitude towards women is typical of an abuser. It is never their fault, the woman made me do it. She pushed me to my limit. A gun held at somebody's head is the ultimate threat. If a gun was used as a threat against a woman in an argument that is not acceptable whether or not he was pushed to his limit. Somebody who uses a gun to threaten a woman during an argument has no business having a gun. Of course there were no witnesses except the victims. Abusers never abuse their partner in front of witnesses, why because then everyone would see them for what they are. Domestic violence cannot be addressed if we remain silent about it.





Tru Grit

I have known this man for a long time and I am truly shocked. I hope the two women involved are being truly honest, because that is a pretty serious allegation.


I am shocked to see that she has been with his old azz for allll these years...


Regardless of the situation that occurred, I do not see the need for your disrespect concerning Mr. Pentorn's age. You, and none of us on here know the full story, just as well as none of us know the dynamics of their relationship PRIOR to all of this, therefore, WHAT DOES HIM BEING OLDER THAN HER HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?? She was OBVIOUSLY with him all of these years because she loves him regardless of his age! People find the most irrelevant stuff to speak on!!!


Yes..But his old azz should be able to "talk" about his "deteriorating relationship" without physical altercations.


Ok so unless he was listening in as the step-daughter was calling the police how would he have known to say "they're going to say I pulled a gun on her" if he really hadn't and was trying to cover his tracks? And you can know someone a really long time and if that person has been pushed to their limits, anyone can snap! There's the potential for this type of behavior in everyone of us, it's just whether or not we allow it to come out or not.


Maybe other posters read a different version of the story ?? I only read the article that is above..(

Phil Packer

The last I knew of Eddie, he had a job and was a good employee. Two sides to every story, remember that.


@Phil Packer
My thoughts exactly....

Just Thinkin

WOW, Dont sound like the Eddie I knew, must be more to the story somewhere, not saying people can't change, But this sounds funny ?


I knew him to and also worked with him. He likes to be in charge and has a temper. He is the type of man that feels women should be seen and not heard. So I guess if you know him you must not have seen that side of him.


Not the Eddie I grew up around either but people change. It is possible the 15 yo is not being honest. No gun, no gun charges! 55 is NOT old. LOL!


as a woman, i would never defend an abuser. i know for a fact that there are women out there who would LIE AND THEIR KIDS WOULD LIE ALSO! what would the purpose of the lie be? is there a benefit to having this man charged w/ domestic? whose house is it? if they are going to break up who has to move out? hmmm? i am also an old azzz! lol


Cocaine is one helluva drug...

Simple Enough II





It doesn't matter who did what. The first one to call the cops gets to stay home. The other goes to jail. Very simple.


To Whom it may concern, Witch it really is no ones. but well here goes! I my self "Personally" Know all three parties involved in this situation, "Better" Than anyone that has previously commented does! I can inform you that The News's article is "FULL OF GAPS" after having spoken with all three of the people and hearing there stories. No! by all means that doesn't mean i know gwhat happened, But because of how well i know the family. and there home life/situation. I'm Letting you know there is alot i feel is being covered up!

When speaking With the mother involved in the altercation, She informed me While (in a voice that only would indicate, a verbal altercation had taken place) in the kitchen her and Eddie began talking. her daughter came into make a plate of food. Eddie insisted they were talking about him. so he stated "well i'm about to leave so talk about me when i'm gone. The daughter says "why you acting like a b*tch right now" Eddie then called her names. the mother became irate. and told me she ran from the "kitchen" (there are many weapons there) to the bedroom to get something to clobber his ass with!....Hmmm she stated he threw her on the bed. and her daughter. came in and punched him in the face and Threw her on the bed. grabbed a gun(that magically vanished into thin air) while having the daughter in a headlock and threatened to shot her then fled, Meanwhile the daughter stick to the story while not shaking up. and more focused with doing science homework. like nothing happened. REALLY???? Eddie told me. he fixed a sandwich. went back in the living room. Lisa came in the kitchen to do dishes. He informed her he was leaving her. and he didn't love her and and hated her daughter and wanted to leave the relationship. he informed her that his son hates it there because of her daughter. Eddie Say's this is when the daughter stormed into the living room. calling him and his entire family b words. even his two grandchildren. witch is when he called her expletives. This aggravated the mother. who was threatening him on and slamming her fist and a kitchen knife at Eddie. he Say's she dropped the knife and ran to the room. he followed to get his keys and a hoodie the mother got in the way. "he did" push her down on the bed. the daughter then came in and punched in in the face. he said he pushed her down as well. she hopped right up and ran into her room. the mother got against the bed room door. then the front door. trying to stop him from leaving. she eventually left. Eddie states while walking to his car the mother said "