Huron man, 18, accused of luring child to vehicle as joke

A Huron man accused of trying to lure a boy into a vehicle told deputies it was all a “misunderstanding,” according to an Erie County deputy’s report.
Emil Whitis
Jan 23, 2013


Jalen A. Alexander, 18, of the 1200 block of Wickford Place, was charged Monday with inducing panic and disorderly conduct.

An 8-year-old Huron boy was walking along Eagle Ridge Road Jan. 10 when a car pulled alongside him and one of the occupants offered him some candy, according to a Huron police report. The boy ran home and told his parents, who immediately called police. The boy’s father said his son was “shaking, scared and extremely upset after the incident,” the report said.

The boy provided deputies a detailed description: a white, older-model car with a “For Sale” sign in the window and a dent on the passenger side. He told police the three occupants looked to be in their 20s or 30s, the report said.

The boy’s parents alerted neighbors and the Register published a story on the incident. The Huron school board then alerted parents, too, and the school district and police department ultimately fielded a number of phone calls from worried residents, according to a police report.

The day after the incident, a McCormick Middle School teacher told police the vehicle likely belongs to a woman who lives on Cleveland Road East. Deputies went to the address and found the vehicle parked in the driveway.

After identifying the driver, deputies learned Alexander was one of two passengers in the car. The driver, a 19-year-old Huron man, told deputies he warned Alexander not to roll down his window and say anything to the boy, according to a report.

The driver told deputies Alexander didn’t say anything to the boy — he simply rolled down his window and looked at him, the report said.  

The other passenger, a 16-year-old Huron girl, offered the same story. Alexander and the 16-year-old girl, accompanied by their mothers, later showed up at the victim’s home and apologized for their actions, although they both denied saying anything to the boy, the report said.  

The boy positively identified Alexander as the man who offered him some candy and told him to “come here,” the report said.

Deputies met with Huron city prosecutor Laura Alkire, who approved charges for Alexander. He’s scheduled to appear Friday in Huron Municipal Court.

Deputies said it appears Alexander was goofing around and trying to get a laugh out of his friends.  

“Basically, it’s the boy’s word against the three that were in the car, that anything was said,” Erie County Sheriff’s Detective Paul DeFazio said. “But the fact that he rolled down the window as they approached the kid — with no business doing that, since it’s the middle of winter — there’s ill intent. That should never have happened.  

“I think he was trying to be funny and impress his friends,” DeFazio said. “It’s not the way it ended up.”

Alexander is a full-time college student, while the driver is enrolling in the military and the 16-year-old girl is a good student, deputies said.  

“I’m certain that boy was not in any danger, and there was no intent to entice that boy into the car,” DeFazio said. “It’s a relief for me and a lot of people who knew about the incident, that it was teenagers goofing around. Unfortunately for (Alexander), the community expects action. And that’s what we did.”  



Frikken' idiot!


He should consider his self lucky the boys old man and "his" friends didnt go after him and the rest of the group. Could of been a nasty headline in the paper.


This kind of joke at the expense of an 8 year old is no joke. Who's laughing now?


The little boy's parents ought to sue this idiot for the emotional distress this moronic "joke" caused the poor little guy. Imagine how scared he was, not to mention the parents!


Are you kidding me? Your name is "Informed" but you have no idea of the actual situation. You're just another mindless drone that follows the money hungry media that is news today.


every sick person can say it was goofing around and trying to get a laugh out of his friends. BEWARE OF THEIR INTENT!!!!


Who says this was his first time doing this.
He may have been showing them how easy it is.

Tru Grit

Sex offenders are not just older men. That is all I have to say.

Ellis dee



This is terrible, of course the 3 in the car had a chance to get their stories together after the kid ran off horrified. If they don't do something to these 3 now then what, what until something happens later? I agree with Tru Grit. Just because you're 18 and you have a 16 year old girl with you and whatever the 3rd's story is doesn't mean not a single person in this group didn't have ill intent or all 3 of them. Something needs to be done.


This is someone's idea of a JOKE??? This is no joke to the little boy or the community. Show this young man how much of a joke it really isn't! It will be the last time he and his friends pull it on someone. Let them spend a couple nights in jail.


You have to ask here why torment an 8 yo boy who was doing no more than walking home from school. What with shootings in schools and other things that happen this 18 yo man who is suppose to have better sense pulls something like this.

I think in this case throwing the 18 yo in county jail really wastes a lot of our precious tax dollars. Better yet let this 18 yo do 90 - 100 hours of community service such as cleaning up city parks, picking up trash along county roads, etc. Also a letter of apology to the boy and his family seems quite appropriate as well.

Lets also hope this 18 yo is not at college working on a degree to be a teacher..........he has no business in any school classroom as a teacher.


I could care less about this. No harm, no foul.

Ellis dee

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No harm?! Blown out of proportion?! What about the emotional distress the little boy and his parents experienced before they were informed this was not an attempted abduction?! You two obviously aren't parents of young children, and if you are, God help you.

Ellis dee

Have a kid and this is blown out of proportion.


Okay, Ellis, what if your child ran home freaked out because someone tried to lure him over the their car by offering him candy? You wouldn't think it a big deal? God help your child!


BULLY! Bully Bully Bully!!!


No need to worry...our judicial system will fail to emplore proper punishment...again...and this d-bag can continue to accelerate his career as a criminal, until he kills people and ends up in prison for us to support.

Ellis dee

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Um, an 18-year-old is an adult. This is the kind of "joke" that people should be punished for. I will not give him or any other idiotic adult who does something like this to a child a break. You must be him or the stupid 16-year-old girl he was with.


None of you have any idea what you are talking about. I personally know all three of the kids. There is no real evidence on this case other than the word of an 8 year old. He never tried to lure the kid in with candy. He looked at the kid out of the window of the car for a minute and drove away like a majority of the teenagers in your town would do. And if you find that to be untrue then you are just another uninformed parent who thinks their children are angels and would never do anything like this. Wake up from whatever world. I hope you all realize how ignorant your comments are about something that you truly don't have clue about.