Man tries to break into Perkins bar safe

Perkins police are searching for a man who tried to steal money from a safe Monday afternoon at a bar in the Sandusky Mall.
Emil Whitis
Jan 16, 2013


He asked if he could go behind the bar to check out the workmanship.

The bartender told him to stay where he was then walked away to take care of another customer.

When she turned back around, the man bolted from a back room — off limits to customers — and out the door.

Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said the bartender gave chase and stopped the man in the parking lot.

The man emptied his pockets.

“He didn’t have anything on him that belonged to the bar,” Klamar said.

The bartender let the man go and returned inside to find a key stuck in the bar safe.

“When she got back the key ring was still swinging back and forth,” Klamar said.

Fortunately, the bar safe takes two keys to open.

Klamar said his detectives were trying to confirm the identity of the man, and no charges had been filed at press time.

Anyone with information can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.



Why don't they just say Cheers. It's the only bar in the mall...has been since I was a kid.


The article I read DID say "Cheers."


So the bartender chases the suspect out into the parking lot, has a confrontation with him, he empties his pockets, and then bartender walks back into the bar and the "keys are still swinging"?? Sounds like a good story but I really doubt it!

Good 2 B Me

I thought the same thing.


Time to turn Johnson's Island back into a prison or how about Rattlesnake? If Sandusky wants to solve their unemployment problem, go into the prison business, most of the clients could walk there plus all the labor to build the prison would keep people employed for years. You could rehab old lake freighters and park them in the middle of the bay. One thing that keeps growing is crime, so take advantage of it. Nice choice for the Keller or Reiger Hotel buildings. Place the only doors on the roof. Come on Sandusky city council start thinking outside the box!!!!


Hell send them to North Bass. Only a few grape vines left up there anyways.


Couldn't get a license plate # because the person was probably waiting for the shuttle!