Ex-Perkins man suspected in murder killed by police during standoff

Georgia police shot and killed a former Perkins Township man who took his own wife hostage as officers attempted to investigate a missing person case.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 15, 2013


Chad Moretz, 34, of Rincon, Ga., was a 1996 graduate of Perkins High School.

Police went to his home in the Savannah suburb Friday in search of information about Charlie Ray, 35, a Savannah man who went missing on New Year's Eve, according to reports from the Associated Press.

Moretz grabbed a gun and took his wife hostage, leading to an hours-long standoff with police.

After she escaped, police shot and killed Moretz after he pointed a gun at them, according to a press release from the Effingham County Sheriff's Office.

Police had pegged Moretz as a suspect in Ray's disappearance.

But what they found when they searched his home must have been unexpected.

Police discovered parts of Ray's dismembered body in the Moretz house. The rest were found in a storage unit in Jasper County, South Carolina.

For more on this story, including information about Moretz's father's pending murder case for the alleged killing of his mother in 2011, pick up Wednesday's copy of the Register.



This world if full of crazies...just another reason to always know where your children and loved ones are at and do your best to keep them safe!!


I agree 100%..it's very scary in this world today.


You just never know who lives close to you. This man looks mean, but I bet that someone will say that they went to school with him and he was a nice guy. I can't understand this crime, I see more and more violence in this world.


Better ban all knives and meat saws.

The Answer Person

There is no more violence in the world thoday than there ever has been before. It is juse rammed in your face 24/7 that's all. Read your history books.


I agree. Violence has always been prevalent. It's just seems that more and more people are going off the deep end and doing crazy, violent things. Could just be that it's more publicized than in the past.


This is just one more incident where HIPPA law has prevented help for mentally or emotionally challenged people. If I work as a health professional, I am forbidden to talk about any patient without written permission from the patient that needs help. And the violence continues.


I'm curious, what do HIPAA (not HIPPA) laws have to do with this case? Furthermore, no one's medical records should be made public under any circumstance. Laws are in place right where they should be to protect the patient.

Taxed Enough Already

who is protecting the victims?


knew the family sorry to hear the bad news praying god's comfort and peace for the relatives.


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bluesky1- thank you...most people don't think about the relatives of the "suspected." This is my cousin and I am really sad that this happened. We just lost my aunt, Chad's mother July 5, 2011. What was Chad thinking, I sure don't know. He so needed help, maybe he didn't want it, I don't know.

I pray for both families, Chad's & Charlie Ray's. Nothing like this should ever happen. Please respect the families, Chad is no longer here, so he's not going to read the blogs, but the families will & we didn't do it.

You can offer help, but if the person doesn't think he/she needs it or is too sick to realize it or just feels week by taking it or whatever the case my be, it won't help.

We are not to judge, that's GOD's job....right?! (even though I do at times & I think it's just something we do as humans..but please don't blog about it, keep it to yourself or atleast off the blogs)

You always think that it happens to other families, not mine. I have such a sickening feeling in my stomach to know that this kind of stuff takes place and this time it's my family again.


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Moderators have removed this comment even though it didn’t contain Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Libel and defamation.


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(a missing person case)

Missing a toe, a finger, a leg. Nut case!


Okay, dude had a gun and took his wife hostage..I get that..Cops shot him..I get that..Dude may or may not have killed someone and chopped him up..I get that..but to leave body parts laying around??? I mean, WHY NOT get rid of the evidence????




Thanks S.R. No excusing facts ever.


I think he was getting rid of the evidence one piece at a time. Some in SC and some in his house. Doubt he thought the cops would ever find it but due to his violent nature he brought the cops right to his front door. Sounds like the whole family should be dis-membered.


His chin has a chin.


My comments were personal? The information I had came from previous Register articles and are a matter of public record.


@ tk, I saw your comments before they were deleted. My comments get deleted frequently from various newspaper online sites and also blogs across the entire nation. Some people cannot handle the truth, even newspapers when you quote their previous stories. I will try to find some newspaper sites of what you posted before deletion.

To inform and educate the masses.


Thanks Centauri, When the grandfather shot the grandmother it was right here in the Sandusky area and the Register fully reported on it. I believe that was in the '70's.


@ tk, You have a very good memory. I did find a news article about Stuart and a shooting in the October 29, 1973 Toledo Blade. Please note the similarities of all involved.



"Moretz's father, Jeffrey Moretz, awaits trial in Collier County in the July 2009 shooting death of his wife, Christine Moretz, 53, at Physicians Regional—Pine Ridge. He faces a second-degree murder charge in her shooting death and awaits trial."

"A former Sandusky contractor who moved to Florida has been accused of fatally shooting his estranged wife."


More into this news story.

"NAPLES — Christopher Serna, who is accused of butchering a woman inside his North Naples apartment in July, was warned by family members and a co-worker not to continue a relationship with the victim, according to new documents obtained Wednesday from the State Attorney's Office."

"It was her husband, Jeffrey Moretz, 54, whom Collier County sheriff's deputies say pulled that trigger before shooting himself. He survived.

His rage, according to court documents released Thursday, stemmed at least partially from a relationship between Christine, 53, and her co-worker, Christopher Serna, 34.

Check Christopher Serna in the first link.


Thanks Centauri, You couldn't make this stuff up. Don't give me credit for a good memory though. The reason I remembered is that I knew the family slightly from activities our sons were in together at high school at the time.

Taxed Enough Already

this family is really messed up. Dad shot and killed Mom and Grandpa tried to kill Grandma and almost succeeded. Sad and troubling.