Judge delays Ohio school shooting trial

A judge in Ohio has indefinitely delayed the murder trial of an 18-year-old charged in the school shooting deaths of three students.
Associated Press
Jan 7, 2013


Judge David Fuhry in Chardon, east of Cleveland, said Monday that he will hold a hearing in late January to discuss a new trial date. The trial of T.J. Lane had been scheduled to begin next Monday.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys asked for the delay because new evidence has emerged. The nature of the evidence was not disclosed in court.

Prosecutors say Lane took a .22-caliber pistol and a knife to Chardon High School last Feb. 27 and fired 10 shots at a group of students in the cafeteria.

Lane was at the school waiting for a bus to his alternative school.




Sometimes I wish judges and attorneys would just speak plainly about what is going on, instead of all the secrecy they use in some of these court cases. What could possibly have come to light that would make THAT much difference now? Just spit it out and deal with it instead of letting everyone hanging in mid air. What? Did he get bullied that morning? Was he put up to it by someone? What?