Deputies: Woman pawns mom's ring for drug money

An unapologetic Wakeman woman admitted she pawned her mother’s anniversary ring to buy cocaine on New Year’s Eve.
Emil Whitis
Jan 6, 2013


Jessica Muncy, 18, was charged with theft.

Erie County deputies drove out to the 14500 block of Garfield Road Thursday to investigate the theft, although there wasn’t much to investigate.

“Muncy reportedly admitted that she had taken the ring and sold it for an eight-ball,” a deputy’s report said, referring to 3.5 grams of cocaine.  

When deputies asked Muncy, she offered them the same story. “Muncy readily admitted taking the ring on New Year’s Eve and selling it at a pawn shop for drug money,” the report said. “Muncy told me she received $80 from the pawn shop and bought cocaine with the money.”

Muncy allegedly admitted to using marijuana, cocaine and heroin, although she pointed out she didn’t abuse drugs but only used them, according to a report.

Deputies asked her to write out a statement. She wrote one sentence: “I stole my mom’s ring & sold it at a pawn shop.”

While she was writing, deputies noticed a “to do” list lying on a table in Muncy’s room. It was dated Dec. 31, and it said “laundry” and “ring.”

“Although Muncy was cooperative she exhibited an extremely poor attitude,” the report said. She remains in the Erie County jail on $5,000 bond.



An 8 ball for eighty bucks? Was it baking soda? Lol sorry little girl but if you are selling your mom's ring you are abusing drugs and have a problem.


$80 would be a bargain. maybe it was paid half in cash and half in services..


I agree if you are stealing from your parents for drugs, you need to admit you have a drug ABUSE problem

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(although she pointed out she didn’t abuse drugs but only used them.)

What she did not cash her pay check and go buy her entertainment, Oh yea make them legal so she can get paid in crack.


FYI: this is how you spell definitely.


Thanks I didn't know


Ah, the mark of a true abuser...steal from a family member to buy your drugs. How well many of us with drug abusers in the family know this one.


This girl definitely has a drug abuse problem. Using marijuana, cocaine and heroin is a problem, and it's against the law and dangerous.Pawning her mother’s anniversary ring to buy cocaine is a major problem. I hope that she gets the help that she needs.


They are getting younger all the time

Just Sayin IMHO

Does it really matter how definitely is spelled? Aren't you missing the point? Or is that the idea, being as you are a reporter.....