Murder suspect Reogas hospitalized again

An accused murderer is back in the Erie County jail after a two-day stint at Firelands Regional Medical Center.
Emil Whitis
Jan 4, 2013


Tommy Reogas, 34, allegedly drank an unknown amount of Magic Shave, a razorless shave cream, sometime after 7 p.m. on New Year's Eve, according to Erie County chief deputy Jared Oilver. Reogas is accused of bludgeoning 50-year-old John Debski, 50, to death with a staple gun in July at a Wilbert Street house.
Paramedics previously rushed him to Firelands on Dec. 1 after two inmates attacked him in the jail commons. One inmate allegedly used the metal end of a pencil easer as a weapon to slice open the right side of Reogas' face. 

For more on the suicide attempt, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.

See video of the previous incident HERE.



Its a shame they dont have access to Anti-Freeze in jail. That would save some tax dollars.


it would bring a whole new meaning to cool criminal


Really Rickross? Thanks. I will have to look into that.


what medical effects did this have on his few brain cells? He can do better than this, use those drugged out ,burnt out cells for something.C'mon dude......


So much for saving the tax payers dollars '. They should have just over looked and justice would be served


He doesn't deserve to get out of a life sentence that easy. I'm glad he didn't succeed.

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Another one that can walk the ice to Peele Island! Get him outa here....


This just adds to his mental retard defense.


How did they know he drank it?? These people get desperate and do just about anything for a vacation from jail in the hospital...