Erie County had 21 drunk, disorderly bookings for New Year

For local law enforcement, all was quiet on New Year's Eve -- until the ball dropped.
Emil Whitis
Jan 2, 2013


About 30 minutes into 2013, Erie County deputies raced to Kalahari Resort where an large, drunken and angry man seemed to be on the verge of a rampage. By the time deputies got the man in the back of a cruiser, pockets of fighting had broken out all over the resort.

"I turned around and there were fights everywhere — in the bar, at the entrance, on the bridge," Erie County chief deputy Jared Oliver said. "I called dispatch and said 'I'm going to need some more cars out here.'"

For more on other brawls police responded to on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.

Drunken Disorderly: New Year's Bookings
Erie County jail - 21
Huron County jail - 3
Ottawa County jail - 2
Sandusky County jail - 2


Good 2 B Me

Hmmm...and Erie County Residents insult the surrounding Counties for their trouble makers!


It doesn't say that the troublemakers are from Erie County, just that they got arrested here. Kalahari IS a tourist attraction.


KELLY----Drunken Disorderly: New Year's Bookings
Erie County jail - 21
Huron County jail - 3
Ottawa County jail - 2
Sandusky County jail - 2

Good 2 B Me

Somehow I knew that someone would chime in with that.


I wonder how many were perkins cops?

Good 2 B Me

We will never know, they will cover it up!

yea right

Kelly is right. Whose to say where theyare from.
And it just proves Erie co. Has better cops who knows how many escaped those hillbilly cops. Hahaha


At walmart there was perkins cops trying to take food donations. I bought a 5th of jack and tryed to give it to them for there cop that just got busted


I don't think a 5th of Jack qualifies as food, idiot!!

Mama of 4

Onegirlarmy that still doesn't say where they live that is just what jail they were booked into


That place is a nut house of guests, employees, and everything in between. If it wasn't for so much tax revenue that we got from there i'd love to see it leave town as fast as possible. So much nonsense comes from there.


It's a thug crowd. All they play lately is gangsta rap.

Good 2 B Me

How many times does that happen Downtown? I know it ALWAYS used to! Same old stuff I guess huh!

Good 2 B Me

You people will argue anything, just for the sake of arguing.


I thought the charge was "drunk and disorderly", not "drunken disorderly" as Whitis typed. Or am I wrong?


There was trouble at Kalahari before the gangsta rap began, but I believe a "family friendly" place like that should not play hardcore music. Gets everyone riled up. I also don't see how thugs hanging out there can affort the high priced drinks in that bar, muchless the transportation all the way out there.

Dr. Information

Kalahari is a friend/family place, but around 9-10 o'clock, they do switch the music over to more mainstream, hip hop etc.....and there is nothing wrong with that. Kids shouldn't be at a bar at 9-10 o'clock anyhow.

Floyd P

Wow, all that bickering for the simple fact that law enforcement did get 28 drunk people off the streets, potentially saving a few lives.
If you want to bicker, go for the grammar in the article. It is "drunk and disorderly" (you can be disorderly without being drunk) and you don't put "an" before "large".


Right about the grammar, Floyd. There's your "award-winning paper" for you.


Why is it that when ERIE COUNTY is mentioned, people automatically ASSume it is Sandusky and its sooooo bad??? Erie county covers Huron and Vermilion too!! Check the jail roster.....just because they are in Erie County jail doesn't even come close to meaning that they are from Sandusky.


So many people cant hold there booze and look forward to causeing trouble, grow up people, be responsible for yourself. SHAMEFUL.