Police: Sandusky man beat neighbor with souvenir bat

A Sandusky man used a souvenir baseball bat to assault a man Tuesday on Perry Street, a police report said.
Emil Whitis
Dec 27, 2012


Alfred Douglas, 46, was charged with felonious assault and disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Dennis Palmer, 56, told police he knocked on Douglas' door in the 200 block of Perry St. at about 10 p.m. and asked for a cigarette, the report said.

"When he asked for a cigarette Douglas struck him in the head — four to five times — with a small wooden bat," the report said.

Palmer's face was swollen and his left hand was bleeding as he talked to officers. Douglas, who appeared to be intoxicated, initially denied the allegations — he told police he'd been wrapping presents, the report said.

On the way to jail, he changed his story. "While in route, Douglas wanted to finally speak to this officer about the incident," the report said. "Douglas came over to his apartment demanding a cigarette. Douglas said Palmer slapped him across the left side of his face so he had to defend himself."

Late Wednesday, Douglas was still in the Erie County jail on $21,340 bond.



"jingle bells....batman smells"




Don't we need to ban "bats" ? How about alcohol ? How about stupidity ?


Banning stupidity? Great idea! Think we can?


We really need to change bat laws before someone else gets clubbed.

Erie County Resident

I wonder if it was a hunting bat or one of those nasty unregistered tactical assault bats we've heard so much about?


felonious assault ..............he used an assault bat


He has bats in his belfry.

Mr. D

Reportedly it was an AB 15 assualt bat.


yep, it's time to ban bats.


I would sue the bat manufacture


People need to quit bumming cigarettes. They are expensive. Hit em with a bat and I bet they won't ask again!


Oh my! Thanks for the laugh guys!!

Mr. D

Maybe they were playing caveman!


now.. i have to ask... was that bat was bought at a registered and licensed bat dealer or if it was bought at a bat show...? i also wonder what the MLB has to say about these recent events... better corner up a spokes person to speak on behalf of bat owners everywhere. (=


love it

Phil Packer

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Your honor, it’s the holidays, my depression, expenses on gifts, the alcohol, the economy, my cat missed the litter box, my medication is out of date, my job is on edge, the fiscal cliff, it’s NOT MY FALT!


More hits then the indians




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i so prefer these comments everyone is so funny thanks :)

Floyd P

Apparently, Mr Douglas decided not to invoke his right to remain silent and if he pleads not guilty, no public defender would go to bat for him.


That is hilarious!!!

Dr. Information

Im sure somehow the liberals will blame the NBA (National Bat Association) for this one. Wonder if it was a Louisville Slugger or not? Yup, time to ban assault bats.


LOL - but the guy got beat up - he did not get killed - if it was a rifle - there would have been a homicide. Self-protection? Doubt that would fly in this case either. Only in TX and FL would that have worked.


I doubt beating someone with a rifle would end in a homicide... just saying...

he said she said

You can't fix stupid while intoxicated but you sure can try to beat it out of someone

This almost sounds like a cartoon.....