2012 Sandusky murders double state average

For such a small community, a year marred with seven homicides does more than raise an eyebrow.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 20, 2012

It calls for an examination of violent crime and it's causes, and whether steps can be taken to prevent it. There is no pattern or obvious explanation for so many deaths during the past six months in Sandusky, officials say.

But there is one link. All the victims appear to have known their attackers.

Pick up a copy of Thursday's Sandusky Register to see what local officials have to say about the increased number of homicides in contrast to decreasing instances of gang violence.


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Sandusky has went through many resident changes. Saftey of Sandusky is now a huge issue. We are losing neighborhoods out of fear of crime and drugs. Perception is reality.


Right you are, in less than 20 yrs it has went from a working class community with owner occupied homes that took pride in their neighborhoods and took care of each other...to an entitlement community where the majority of residences are rentals, 85% of children are eligible for free and reduced school lunches, and people only care about their own selfish pursuits and taking from others. Yup, there is a problem in Sandusky, but the problem has more to do with cultural changes than anything else. No longer is Sandusky's culture synonymous with hard work and caring, it is now a culture of entitlement and violence.


sad...but true



Actually, 20 years ago, in 1992, Sandusky had 202 violent crimes as compared to 120 in 2011. The violent crime definition includes murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.


The article was about murder, which is what I was commenting on. Keep in mind, those statistics are only as good as the people reporting them. My buddy, who is a Sandusky cop told me that they don't report original charges for the above that were plead down to a lesser offense, so the numbers are padded. Back in the 80s-90s they reported based on the original charges, hence the disparity in the numbers.


It is hard to believe that charges dropped, dismissed, not proven, or pleaded down would be reported as crimes committed.

If we are talking murder though, in 1988, 2; 1989, 0; 1990, 4; 1991, 2; 1992, 4; 1993, 3; 1994, 3.
In the last 7 seven years, in 2011, 1; 2010, 0; 2009, 0; 2008, 1; 2007, 1; 2006, 0; 2005, 1.

In seven years starting in 1988 there were 18 murders and in the last 7 years there were 4.

That is a considerable difference especially for a community that is supposedly decaying. It looks like the other way around.


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Yeah, I wouldn't bother, it'll just get him posting more ignorant crap. I had a friend once that made comments like that all the time. I told him to do a little research into his family tree. Come to find out, he had a great great grandfather that fathered several children with a slave, one being his great grandmother. I haven't heard a racist comment from him ever since. LOL




right!!!! ingnorant people!


How many more people have to die before the community/society can just accept that this world is filled with crazy dangerous people out there and that guns, when placed in the proper hands can greatly aid in the decline of all these senseless mayhem's!
All these stories were such tragedies, yet it didn’t have to be. Weapons are easy to get now and these days, Nevertheless, an officer of the law and all the judges should be attempting to stop all the violence by making it more difficult to obtain a firearm and if caught with any kind of weapon they should be treated with a very harsh punishment brought to them then maybe this will discourage those crazy attackers/killers intent on being so violent.

Remember: Criminals LOVE unarmed victims, and TYRANTS love UNARMED CITIZENS!!


all criminals started out as non-criminals...so yea, I agree give them all guns.


What are you trying to say, ban all guns because everyone started out as non-criminals. Curtis Clinton used his hands, so ban all hands?




Yup, in fact most of the murders in Sandusky this year were committed without a gun.


Yea, same exact thing.


I would imagine law enforcement is always on the lookout for criminals with weapons and is always attempting to stop violence. The threat of punishment does not deter most people, crazy or not. Police don't make the laws, they enforce them. It has already been made more difficult for people to obtain firearms but just like restraining orders, laws don't stop lunatics from committing heinous crimes. Many more people will die no matter how many new laws are instituted. Mental illness needs addressed as well. There are no programs or much help for people with various conditions and if they can't get a gun to kill you with, they will find something else. It's a complicated problem which will not be solved in these forums.


Relax!! Three of the murders were domestic in nature and really have no relation to one's economic status. Where they lived or whether they rented or owned was not a factor either. I highly doubt any of the accused were receivng gov't assistance and even if they were there is no proven connection. Last week's events prove that crime can happen anywhere. When will the fortunate among us realize this? America embraces a culture of violence so why the shock?


Blame the SLUMLORDS of this once nice town! They sure made a mess


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I know why there is so many killings in Sandusky had to cut bak on police a few years ago cause the city council said that if the city did not approve a tax levy then thay would make cuts in police leaving us defenseless .
we need to get the police roster back up where itneeds to be so it will deter crime and ensure the safety of the people thzt pay taxes .
it really makes me mad that a council that is voted in are lsft high and dry to fin a way to servive
Its time to get things where they belong and stop this cat and mouse game with the people that gave you the job


You bring up a good point about levies needing passed to generate more funds for the police department, however are the current tenants of the speculated 85 percent of those renting apartments/homes willing to see their rent go up? If property taxes go up on landowners they are going to pass this added expense to their tenants. If this happens then METRO will go up accordingly and it will be like a double tax to those that are landowners and vote for it. We all have to realize our country is at a tipping point, our country is broke, the states are broke, the cities are broke and a good percentage of our citizens are broke. Until we bring back our manufacturing base and stop saying the we are now a service economy things will not change. Unless you make something you can not only sell to the guy down the street but to someone in Belgium, China, Ukraine, or anywhere for that matter we are going to be a nation in decline. We need our President, Congress and our Chamber of Commerce to work together to bring REAL jobs back to America, until that happens we are what we are and we will continue to see the decline in the economics and morals and the rise in crime


You could have a Police force of 1000 in Sandusky and it wouldn't help. The judicial system keeps giving them a slap on the wrist and puts them back on the street.


It has nothing to do with guns, how easy they are to get on the street. I believe some of them were stabbed, stragled, and beaten. But what about our law enforcement trying to keep the laws that have been set. Instead of patting them on the back for the hard work and dedication that they do on a DAILY basis they get drug through the mud for one reason or another. I'm not saying they are above the law. (dont get going on the Perkins police officer that made a mistake) We need to stick by them, not when one passes in the line of duty either!! They are the ones protecting our homes when we are aleep at night or at work during the daytime. Trying to keep the drugs off the streets so it doesn't fall into the hands of maybe YOUR little ones! Trying to keep it safe, so you can take your kids to the park to play and don't have to worry that someone might abduct them when you turn your back for one second!
Then we get the front of the paper stories such as... the cops are to blame b/c they were the first to arrive and they didn't do their jobs properly. Or the so called "Pitbull" who just making a trafic stop has to speed through town doing 80mph catching these "runners" in someones driveway! Does it STINK when your speeding and you get a ticket... heck YES! But what if that person is speeding through your neighborhood and kills a kid because they might have sped up while they were texting and driving!
We need to support them, thats how some of this violence is going to stop is when the bad guys know that we support our Men in Blue!

Just my Opinion


Totally agree


alot of smart & then not so smart people here.
R.I.H. babies.God look over Sandusky Ohio.


Our moral compass is broken. There is less value of life. We have lost personal responsibility. The downward spiral in cities like Sandusky are growing daily.

If you follow history we are proceeding down the path of other great civilization like the Romans. Moral decay will bring us down. It's just a matter of time. God help our children.

Julie R.

I can't wait to see how many plea bargains come out these horrific murders.

I personally think that a good share of the problems in Sandusky are a direct result of all the rental properties. Didn't somebody say Sandusky is up to 75% rentals? Who owns all those rental properties, anyway? Obviously, there must be good money in it. Do they ever screen some of the riff-raff they rent to .... or do they just not care as long as they get their money?

Also, Sandusky shouldn't feel too bad about all the rentals because Huron sure is getting up there, too.