Sandusky Police: Foul ball prompts neighbor to pull gun

A Sandusky man allegedly pulled a gun on his Olds Street neighbor Sunday when a stray ball hit his garage.
Emil Whitis
Dec 19, 2012


Allan Pickens, 41, was charged with tampering with evidence, aggravated menacing, inducing panic and disorderly conduct.

Police rushed to the 2200 block of Olds St. after receiving a report of a man brandishing a gun. A neighbor told police his children threw a ball into Pickens' garage at about 4:30 p.m., and Pickens yelled at the children, a Sandusky police report said

When the neighbor went to talk to him, Pickens allegedly pulled out a pistol and said, "What do you want to do?" the report said.
Before police arrived, Pickens allegedly wrapped the gun in a towel and handed it off to his mother, who took it inside. Officers then turned to Pickens for his side of the story.

"While attempting to speak with Alan he began cursing and using derogatory names toward (the neighbor) and the family," the report said. "He was advised several times to stop with him failing to comply."

Police took Pickens to the Erie County jail, where he remained late Tuesday without bond.

His mother, Pauline Boyce, 63, was also charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly hiding the gun.



Allan IF you live with your mom, maybe you should move.


neighbor dispute, then the guy got set up.

Nice X-Mas neighbor




Well, Well...........Imagine that

Uncommon Sense

I bet he didn't go to a school with a uniform. Too bad, wearing the uniform could have prevented all the senselessness of the situation.


Pulling a gun? That's not called for! HOWEVER...I have neighbors that allow their children to play wherever they choose without parental guidance, no parents or care-takers to watch and over-see what they are doing on my property or to my property...which is ALWAYS destructive! The parents that I have told to keep their children away from my property tell me that their children have nowhere else to go...can't play in the street and the parks are dangerous (the park is 50 paces from my house), I ask, "Go with your children, and it will be fine!" He tells me that he has to work, with a beer in his hand and weaving.....
I raised my child to be respectful of neighbors and specifically that if anyone asked them to leave, DO SO!
Not to say that I would brandish a weapon, but when the parents are worse than the children, you get quite a clear perception of how the children have never been taught a true lesson!!


A GOOD neighbor would put a fence up ! Maybe YOU should be the good one. MY neighbors are great. I like them better, since they've put up 6 foot fences..Mission accomplished..LOL !

G George I du kno

good job SPD!

2cents's picture

A hot head with a gun! Your action does not reflect well on the law abiding citizens who own firearms. Mr. Judge, please require a mandatory firearms safety course, 12 hours minimum if this guy wants the right to have his gun back. We do not settle children’s ball throwing disputes over the fence with drawn firearms!


Another evidence of declining civilization.