Sandusky stabbing suspect arraigned

An 18-year-old Sandusky man facing a murder charge remains in the Erie County jail on $1 million bond.
Dec 19, 2012

Tre’Vonte Adcock appeared for an arraignment in Sandusky Municipal Court Tuesday morning via video feed from the jail.

He's charged with murder in connection with the stabbing death of Jared Rhodes, 24, his uncle. Rhodes suffered three stab wounds at about 3 a.m. Saturday in a home in the 1300 block of Clinton St. He died from his wounds about 11 hours later at Firelands Regional Medical Center.    

Watch video from the arraignment by clicking the player to the right.

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register for more on this case.


he said she said

what video?

yea right

All over 5 dollars

Sit n Spin

And he's worried about why visitation is on Sunday's....That's the least of your worries right now bro !


No visitation on sunday ,in Erie county jail .


I thought it was Tuesdays?


Tue and Wed depending on first letter of last name , his is TUE .


Double post


The look on his face matches this jerk too! LMAO


Really, over $5?? Please tell me that this man didn't lose his life over so little of money. This kid is unreal!


Kid is the perfect description. I actually feel bad for this guy and Jared. What a tough lesson to learn at 18. The bond seems excessive to me!

nosey rosey

Shouldn't even have a bond. You kill someone, you stay locked up.

sandtown born a...

Bond too high give me a freaking break bury his butt under the jail with the other murders in the county they all deserve what they get plus some. We know he will get a wrist slap in Erie County

nosey rosey

A tough lesson for an 18 year old is more along the line of being shocked at the amount of taxes that are taken out of your pay check. Stabbing someone to death is a life changing decision he made. What a joke to say you feel sorry for him.

jack langhals

Deertracker ! Are you a get rid of the guns advocate,as well.I bet you are happy they put the Head Nut Case in charge of The Nut house to make new gun laws !

car 54

Another human in the ship of fools.

he said she said

I don't care how high the bond is. He should not get out of jail for $1 mil or $100,000. Even if he did get out of jail who's gonna keep him in Sandusky so the person or persons that put up his bond don't lose their shirts?


deertracker this wasn't a childish mistake. Most people learn that lesson (never stab a person with a knife) way before they turn 18.


How about waiting for some facts? You ppl are ridiculous. Get a life and let the system work. Your concern for his whereabouts and other's money is "touching".


deertracker you post a provocative statement, then wonder why people weigh in on your opinion...and I fell for it.


My statement was my opinion, nothing more or less. I don't know what happened that night nor am I excusing his behavior but I don't think the kid is this evil murderer. Nothing surprises me about comments made on this site about anything. I still think the bond is high and we all should just wait for the facts. It is a messed up situation any way you look at it. It really sounds like things got way out of control.

he said she said

He doesn't have to be an evil murderer to kill someone. He stabbed someone not once but three times with a knife that if I remember right is illegal in Ohio. I may be wrong on that. Once would have sufficed if he really was just 'poking' Jared. Cutting an artery in his leg and then twice in his side is not just poking someone. He meant to do harm.

Cracked Cherry

Not one of them people in there has a job, That's why the room was packed.

its about time

crackeed cherry, I know for a fact some of the people ther have jobs, some of them are working two jobs


Who said that this all happened over five dollars? I never heard that... this is how rumors start you don't know the facts you were not there! Everyone is intitaled to thier opinions but i mean why are you worried if they have a job or not? However most of them in that room do have a job but are there for moral support.


What's that did I hear? Maybe a little bit of meth in that 40oz?

he said she said



A stereotype that seems to fit if one takes the time and watches the video.