Sandusky police recordings show chaotic stabbing scene

Audio recordings from police cruiser dash-cams indicate Sandusky police walked in on a chaotic stabbing scene Saturday morning on Clinton Street.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 19, 2012


Tre’vonte Adcock, 18, who was charged with murder Monday, is heard screaming incoherently throughout the recordings. Family members have asked why officers didn’t tend to victim Jared Rhodes, 24, and instead chose to quickly arrest his nephew, Adcock, for allegedly disrupting the scene.

Police say they had to make the scene safe for the paramedics who arrived shortly after them.

Audio and video from the scene is posted to the right. Click the player to view. (Warning: This video contains strong language that could be offensive to some viewers.)

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register for more on what witnesses and police say happened Saturday.



Blame the first responders? Joke, right? Blame the person causing havoc making them unable to do their J-O-B-S! Put the blame everywhere but on the criminals.....UNREAL! YOOOOO HOOOOOO....WAKE UP!

yea right

notice the family that showed up??? look at the stance they r taking.. ready to "pounce" if the judge said the wrong thing... acting all that..even the judge said that "nobody ever shows up for this" what a bunch of Losers..

he said she said

Did either of you hear or see where the audio/video is?

Those standing there are his side of the family. Jared's side wasn't there.


How is Jared's side of the family not there? Were they not nephew and uncle? wouldnt that put some of Jared's family there? Were you looking for certain people to be there? and if so why did you not go to the court arraignment yourself! Easy for everyone to hide behind the computer to say something but no one is saying anything to the family.......... CRAZY

he said she said

@ spolied
If it's anyone of your business, I couldn't go for medical reasons.

I am saying what I need to say to the ones that mattered the most: his girlfriend and the kids that thought of Jared as a father figure, his immediate cousins (his mother is their aunt), and a handful of other people that knew Jared.

We know who we are and we were at the hospital the whole time with his girlfriend supporting her through this and still are.

We didn't sit and tell 5 different tales about what happened that night. Like I said before, the only person that would tell the truth is deceased.


If those "I don't know anything" people that were at the scene were so concerned for the stabbing victim, why didn't they restrain Adcock themselves?

he said she said

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Cracked Cherry

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OMG! I feel so bad for our LE and paramedics~just look at his behavior and what they have to put up with day after day~ His behavior sure DID interfer with his Uncles help!

G George I du kno

Instead of attending to the victim they had to attend to the cold blooded murderer! I don't feel sorry for him but can anyone explain why the maced someone who was already in cuffs in the back of a police car? SPD did a great job on this!


All i got to ask is why did more than one officer mace him in the back of the cop car? That seems a bit extreme and he was such a problem why was he taken out of the car at the end? What happened after they cut the cameras off. they are only showing half of what is going on and they are not putting no times on this...... police cruisers have timers on thier cameras to show everything incase they have to go to court but yet they are not showing it here what are they trying to hide?


Once and twice maced, did he ever quit kicking the door or window? No. They should have shot him with a tranquilizer dart.

he said she said

I don't think they are trying to hide anything. IMO the tape was edited so that any pertinent information was left out. We all know that any police department during an investigation doesn't let all the information they have out.

IMO I think they let Tre out of the cruiser so that they could use some sterile water from the SFD and rinse his face off after the pepper spray. The purpose of pepper spray is to incapacitate someone long enough to get them under control.

I think Tre is pretty lucky they didn't use the taser on him.