Sandusky man charged after domestic dispute turns violent

A Sandusky woman beat the homeless father of her child over the head with an end table early Sunday morning after he refused to give her cellphone back.
Emil Whitis
Dec 18, 2012


Terrance Pace, 29, was charged with domestic violence, disrupting public services, assault and unlawful restraint. 

It all started at about 3:30 a.m. when Rebecca Bledsoe, 25, let her dogs out. When she opened the door Pace was standing on the porch. 

Since he had no other place to stay, she agreed to let him spend the night, a report said. 

But when he asked to sleep in Bledsoe’s bed and she refused things got ugly. 

“He began to throw a ‘fit like a child’ and began calling her names,” a report said. “Bledsoe stated she asked Pace to leave with him refusing.” 

When she told Pace she was calling the police he wrestled the cellphone from her hands, took her shoes and blocked the door. Later, she grabbed up an end table and smashed him over the head with it three times, according to a police report. 

When Bledsoe reached for a lamp a struggle broke out and their daughter woke up. They agreed to solve the issue in the morning. 

At about 10:45 a.m. she convinced Pace to give up the cellphone and called police. 

Pace told police he’d been staying with Bledsoe for weeks and that she started the whole thing. 

Police took pictures to scratches on Pace and Bledsoe then took Pace to the Erie County jail where he was being held late Monday on $19,998 bond.




And she gets charged with nothing? Didn't the story say she smashed him over the head with a table 3 times?


Yea well he should not have started acting like a child when he didn't get his way. He is at the mercy of the person that allowed him to stay , and should have respected the wishes . And if it were me I would have told him to grow up and be responsable for himself


I would have smashed him over the head too~she asked him to leave and he didn't. Hard telling anymore what he might have done


I would have smashed him over the head too~she asked him to leave and he didn't. Hard telling anymore what he might have done


It's always hard in instances like this to know who to believe. It is apparent since they have a child together that he has lived with her before. He might be telling the truth. If he isn't then yes, he should have left. However, she should not have felt sorry for him and let him stay.


Regardless of their relationship, a REAL man would've walked away!

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He did, 3 AM the bar closed so he went looking for shelter?


Doesn't matter who started or ended it. The first one to call the cops gets to stay home and the other one goes to jail. S.O.P. If the cops get called on a domestic somebody is going to jail. No ifs, ands or buts.


Having a child together has NOTHING to do with living together. One night stands or drunken mistakes do not mean they lived together.

Mama of 4

You never know for sure who is telling the truth. Why he came in a 3 A.M. is beyond me but if he was drunk its probably not a good decision to let him in the house , which leads me to believe he had been staying there more frequently than that once. And yes if you are told to leave then you shoudld leave. But why did she lit him over the head LATER and not when fighting? Things just seem weird